Benjamin Prud'homme
Benjamin Prud'homme
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Chance caught on the wing: cis-regulatory evolution and the origin of pigment patterns in Drosophila
N Gompel, B Prud'homme, PJ Wittkopp, VA Kassner, SB Carroll
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Smells like evolution: the role of chemoreceptor evolution in behavioral change
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Rapid evolution of a Y-chromosome heterochromatin protein underlies sex chromosome meiotic drive
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Genomic hourglass
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A short guide to insect oviposition: when, where and how to lay an egg
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A Whole-Genome Scan for Association with Invasion Success in the Fruit Fly Drosophila suzukii Using Contrasts of Allele Frequencies Corrected for Population …
L Olazcuaga, A Loiseau, H Parrinello, M Paris, A Fraimout, C Guedot, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 37 (8), 2369-2385, 2020
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