gregoire croidieu
gregoire croidieu
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, EMLYON
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Untapped riches of meso-level applications in multilevel entrepreneurship mechanisms
PH Kim, K Wennberg, G Croidieu
Academy of Management Perspectives 30 (3), 273-291, 2016
TMI: Signaling credible claims in crowdfunding campaign narratives
PH Kim, M Buffart, G Croidieu
Group & Organization Management 41 (6), 717-750, 2016
Labor of love: Amateurs and lay-expertise legitimation in the early US radio field
G Croidieu, PH Kim
Administrative Science Quarterly 63 (1), 1-42, 2018
An inconvenient truce: Cultural domination and contention after the 1855 Médoc wine classification event
G Croidieu
Negotiating values in the creative industries: Fairs, festivals and …, 2011
Why effective entrepreneurial innovations sometimes fail to diffuse: Identity-based interpretations of appropriateness in the Saint-Émilion, Languedoc, Piedmont, and Golan …
G Croidieu, P Monin
Institutions and entrepreneurship, 287-328, 2010
The Legitimization Strategies of Renegade Organizations
P Monin, G Croidieu
M@ n@ gement 15 (3), 254-263, 2012
Cru, Glue, and Status: How wine labels helped ennoble Bordeaux
G Croidieu, B Soppe, WW Powell
Multimodality, Meaning, and Institutions, 37-69, 2017
Responding from that Vantage Point: Field Position and Discursive Strategies of Legitimation in the US Wireless Telegraphy Field
PH Kim, G Croidieu, S Lippmann
Organization Studies 37 (10), 1417-1450, 2016
How do creative genres emerge? The case of the Australian wine industry
G Croidieu, CC Rüling, A Boutinot
Journal of Business Research 69 (7), 2334-2342, 2016
Niches, genres, and classifications in the creative industries
N Anand, G Croidieu
The Oxford Handbook of Creative Industries, 327-347, 2015
Welcome to the Hotel California: Strangers and hospitable organizations
S Svejenova, G Croidieu, R Meyer
Nordiske Organisasjonsstudier 15 (4), 68-90, 2013
Châteaux contre garages. Mouvements sociaux et identités collectives à Saint-Émilion
G Croidieu, P Monin
Revue française de gestion, 93-116, 2011
Competing “Terroir” and “Brand” Logics, and Violating Genetic Codes in the Wine Industry.”
G Croidieu, P Monin
EM Lyon Working Papers 6. September, 2006
Complex field-positions and non-imitation: Pioneers, strangers, and insulars in Australian fine-wine
G Croidieu, CC Rüling
M@ n@ gement 20 (2), 129-165, 2017
Emergence of exemplars through mythification: Grange and the Australian"" Fine Wines"", 1951-2010
G Croidieu, CC Rüling, A Boutinot
Academy of Management Proceedings 2013 (1), 13094, 2013
Iconization, sacralization and the institutionalization of competing logics in the wine industry
G Croidieu, EM Lyon, P Monin
Proc. 2nd Annu. Conf. Amer. Assoc. Wine Econ, 0
Picking the Right Winners: Government Business Support Programs and Entrepreneurial Growth
M Buffart, GPA Croidieu, PH Kim, RDA Bowman
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 10868, 2019
Book Review: Varietals of Capitalism: A Political Economy of the Changing Wine Industry
G Croidieu
Organization Studies 37 (12), 1897-1900, 2016
M@ n@ gement
Les stratégies de légitimation des organisations renégates
P Monin, G Croidieu
M@ n@ gement 15 (3), 254-263, 2012
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