Eleonora Regattieri
Eleonora Regattieri
Institute of Earth Sciences and Georesources-National Research Council, Italy (IGG-CNR)
Adresse e-mail validée de igg.cnr.it
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The so-called “4.2 event” in the central Mediterranean and its climatic teleconnections
G Zanchetta, E Regattieri, I Isola, RN Drysdale, M Bini, I Baneschi, ...
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Duration and dynamics of the best orbital analogue to the present interglacial
B Giaccio, E Regattieri, G Zanchetta, S Nomade, PR Renne, CJ Sprain, ...
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A continuous stable isotope record from the penultimate glacial maximum to the Last Interglacial (159–121 ka) from Tana Che Urla Cave (Apuan Alps, central Italy)
E Regattieri, G Zanchetta, RN Drysdale, I Isola, JC Hellstrom, A Roncioni
Quaternary Research 82 (2), 450-461, 2014
Lateglacial to holocene trace element record (Ba, Mg, Sr) from corchia cave (Apuan Alps, central Italy): paleoenvironmental implications
E REGATTIERI, G ZANCHETTA, RN Drysdale, I Isola, JC Hellstrom, ...
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Hydrological variability over the Apennines during the Early Last Glacial precession minimum, as revealed by a stable isotope record from Sulmona basin, Central Italy
E Regattieri, B Giaccio, G Zanchetta, RN Drysdale, P Galli, S Nomade, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 30 (1), 19-31, 2015
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A multi-proxy record of MIS 11–12 deglaciation and glacial MIS 12 instability from the Sulmona basin (central Italy)
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Precise microsampling of poorly laminated speleothems for U-series dating
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Enhanced climate instability in the North Atlantic and southern Europe during the Last Interglacial
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AC Colonese, G Zanchetta, AE Fallick, G Manganelli, PL Cascio, ...
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Hypogean microclimatology and hydrology of the 800-900 m asl level in the Monte Corchia Cave (Tuscany, Italy): preliminary considerations and implications for …
I Baneschi, L Piccini, E Regattieri, I Isola, M Guidi, L Lotti, F Mantelli, ...
Acta Carsologica 40 (1), 2011
Environmental variability between the penultimate deglaciation and the mid Eemian: Insights from Tana che Urla (central Italy) speleothem trace element record
E Regattieri, G Zanchetta, RN Drysdale, I Isola, JD Woodhead, ...
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A potential global boundary stratotype section and point (GSSP) for the Tarentian Stage, Upper Pleistocene, from the Taranto area (Italy): Results and future perspectives
A Negri, A Amorosi, F Antonioli, A Bertini, F Florindo, PC Lurcock, ...
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Palynology of the Last Interglacial Complex at Lake Ohrid: palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic inferences
G Sinopoli, A Masi, E Regattieri, B Wagner, A Francke, O Peyron, L Sadori
Quaternary Science Reviews 180, 177-192, 2018
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