Dante J. Dorantes Gonzalez
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Improving the accuracy of the transient plane source method by correcting probe heat capacity and resistance influences
Y Li, C Shi, J Liu, E Liu, J Shao, Z Chen, DJ Dorantes-Gonzalez, X Hu
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Improved business model representation of innovation concepts
DJ Dorantes-Gonzalez, H Küçükaydın, Ş Özlem, G Bulgan, U Aydın, ...
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Young's modulus determination of low-k porous films by wide-band DCC/LD LSAW
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A novel above-ground marking approach based on the girth weld impact sound for pipeline defect inspection
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Manipulation of individual double-walled carbon nanotubes packed in a casing shell
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A comparison and application of pattern recognition techniques in materials selection using dimensionless numbers
JW Schmidt Castañeda, FJ Sandoval, DJ Dorantes González
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Technology and Automation …, 2005
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