Lauren Ancel Meyers
Lauren Ancel Meyers
Professor of Integrative Biology, The University of Texas at Austin
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Network theory and SARS: predicting outbreak diversity
LA Meyers, B Pourbohloul, MEJ Newman, DM Skowronski, RC Brunham
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Perspective: evolution and detection of genetic robustness
J Visser, J Hermisson, GP Wagner, LA Meyers, H Bagheri‐Chaichian, ...
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When individual behaviour matters: homogeneous and network models in epidemiology
S Bansal, BT Grenfell, LA Meyers
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Plasticity, evolvability, and modularity in RNA
LW Ancel, W Fontana
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Contact network epidemiology: Bond percolation applied to infectious disease prediction and control
L Meyers
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Fighting change with change: adaptive variation in an uncertain world
LA Meyers, JJ Bull
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Predicting epidemics on directed contact networks
LA Meyers, MEJ Newman, B Pourbohloul
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Aptamer database
JF Lee, JR Hesselberth, LA Meyers, AD Ellington
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Susceptible–infected–recovered epidemics in dynamic contact networks
E Volz, LA Meyers
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1628), 2925-2934, 2007
Serial interval of COVID-19 among publicly reported confirmed cases
Z Du, X Xu, Y Wu, L Wang, BJ Cowling, LA Meyers
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Applying network theory to epidemics: control measures for Mycoplasma pneumoniae outbreaks
LA Meyers, MEJ Newman, M Martin, S Schrag
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Epidemic thresholds in dynamic contact networks
E Volz, LA Meyers
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Quasispecies made simple
JJ Bull, LA Meyers, M Lachmann
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On the abundance of polyploids in flowering plants
LA Meyers, DA Levin
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Effects of heterogeneous and clustered contact patterns on infectious disease dynamics
EM Volz, JC Miller, A Galvani, LA Meyers
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The dynamic nature of contact networks in infectious disease epidemiology
S Bansal, J Read, B Pourbohloul, LA Meyers
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Initial human transmission dynamics of the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus in North America
B Pourbohloul, A Ahued, B Davoudi, R Meza, LA Meyers, DM Skowronski, ...
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Risk for transportation of coronavirus disease from Wuhan to other cities in China
Z Du, L Wang, S Cauchemez, X Xu, X Wang, BJ Cowling, LA Meyers
Emerging infectious diseases 26 (5), 1049, 2020
Undermining the Baldwin expediting effect: does phenotypic plasticity accelerate evolution?
LW Ancel
Theoretical population biology 58 (4), 307-319, 2000
A comparative analysis of influenza vaccination programs
S Bansal, B Pourbohloul, LA Meyers
PLoS Med 3 (10), e387, 2006
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