Giovanni Mita
Giovanni Mita
Ricercatore Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari, CNR
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Drought stress response in wheat: physiological and molecular analysis of resistant and sensitive genotypes
P Rampino, S Pataleo, C Gerardi, G Mita, C Perrotta
Plant, cell & environment 29 (12), 2143-2152, 2006
Multiplex PCR assay for the identification of nivalenol, 3- and 15-acetyl-deoxynivalenol chemotypes in Fusarium
A Quarta, G Mita, M Haidukowski, A Logrieco, G Mule, A Visconti
FEMS Microbiology Letters 259 (1), 7-13, 2006
Carbon fluxes between primary metabolism and phenolic pathway in plant tissues under stress
S Caretto, V Linsalata, G Colella, G Mita, V Lattanzio
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16 (11), 26378-26394, 2015
Assessment of trichothecene chemotypes of Fusarium culmorum occurring in Europe
A Quarta, G Mita, M Haidukowski, A Santino, G Mulè, A Visconti
Food additives and contaminants 22 (4), 309-315, 2005
Biodiversity and safety aspects of yeast strains characterized from vineyards and spontaneous fermentations in the Apulia Region, Italy
M Tristezza, C Vetrano, G Bleve, G Spano, V Capozzi, A Logrieco, G Mita, ...
Food microbiology 36 (2), 335-342, 2013
Methyl jasmonate and miconazole differently affect arteminisin production and gene expression in Artemisia annua suspension cultures
S Caretto, A Quarta, M Durante, R Nisi, A De Paolis, F Blando, G Mita
Plant Biology 13 (1), 51-58, 2011
Molecular cloning and heterologous expression of a laccase gene from Pleurotus eryngii in free and immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells
G Bleve, C Lezzi, G Mita, P Rampino, C Perrotta, L Villanova, F Grieco
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 79 (5), 731, 2008
Molecular cloning and characterization of an almond 9-hydroperoxide lyase, a new CYP74 targeted to lipid bodies*
G Mita, A Quarta, P Fasano, A De Paolis, GP Di Sansebastiano, ...
Journal of experimental botany 56 (419), 2321-2333, 2005
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of carotenoids from pumpkin (Cucurbita spp.): a review
M Durante, M Lenucci, G Mita
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 15 (4), 6725-6740, 2014
Betalains, phenols and antioxidant capacity in cactus pear [Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.] fruits from Apulia (South Italy) genotypes
C Albano, C Negro, N Tommasi, C Gerardi, G Mita, A Miceli, L De Bellis, ...
Antioxidants 4 (2), 269-280, 2015
Novel durum wheat genes up-regulated in response to a combination of heat and drought stress
P Rampino, G Mita, P Fasano, GM Borrelli, A Aprile, G Dalessandro, ...
Plant physiology and biochemistry 56, 72-78, 2012
Autochthonous fermentation starters for the industrial production of Negroamaro wines
M Tristezza, C Vetrano, G Bleve, F Grieco, M Tufariello, A Quarta, G Mita, ...
Journal of industrial microbiology & biotechnology 39 (1), 81-92, 2012
9-Lipoxygenase metabolism is involved in the almond/Aspergillus carbonarius interaction
G Mita, P Fasano, S De Domenico, G Perrone, F Epifani, R Iannacone, ...
Journal of experimental botany 58 (7), 1803-1811, 2007
Selection of non-conventional yeasts and their use in immobilized form for the bioremediation of olive oil mill wastewaters
G Bleve, C Lezzi, MA Chiriatti, I D’Ostuni, M Tristezza, D Di Venere, ...
Bioresource technology 102 (2), 982-989, 2011
Molecular analysis of a durum wheat ‘stay green’mutant: expression pattern of photosynthesis-related genes
P Rampino, G Spano, S Pataleo, G Mita, JA Napier, N Di Fonzo, ...
Journal of Cereal Science 43 (2), 160-168, 2006
The oenological potential of Hanseniaspora uvarum in simultaneous and sequential co-fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae for industrial wine production
M Tristezza, M Tufariello, V Capozzi, G Spano, G Mita, F Grieco
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 670, 2016
Durum wheat by-products as natural sources of valuable nutrients
M Durante, MS Lenucci, L Rescio, G Mita, S Caretto
Phytochemistry reviews 11 (2-3), 255-262, 2012
Acquisition of thermotolerance and HSP gene expression in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) cultivars
P Rampino, G Mita, S Pataleo, M De Pascali, N Di Fonzo, C Perrotta
Environmental and experimental Botany 66 (2), 257-264, 2009
Physico-chemical characterization of natural fermentation process of Conservolea and Kalamàta table olives and developement of a protocol for the pre-selection of fermentation …
G Bleve, M Tufariello, M Durante, F Grieco, FA Ramires, G Mita, ...
Food microbiology 46, 368-382, 2015
Liquid phase SPR imaging experiments for biosensors applications
R Rella, J Spadavecchia, MG Manera, P Siciliano, A Santino, G Mita
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 20 (6), 1140-1148, 2004
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