Arezki Boudaoud
Arezki Boudaoud
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LadHyX, CNRS, Ecole polytechnique
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Developmental Patterning by Mechanical Signals in Arabidopsis
O Hamant, MG Heisler, H Jonsson, P Krupinski, M Uyttewaal, P Bokov, ...
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FibrilTool, an ImageJ plug-in to quantify fibrillar structures in raw microscopy images
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Path-memory induced quantization of classical orbits
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Buckling of a stiff film bound to a compliant substrate—Part I:: Formulation, linear stability of cylindrical patterns, secondary bifurcations
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In vivo analysis of local wall stiffness at the shoot apical meristem in Arabidopsis using atomic force microscopy
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Evolution and Diverse Roles of the CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON Genes in Arabidopsis Leaf Development
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V Mirabet, P Das, A Boudaoud, O Hamant
Annual review of plant biology 62, 365-385, 2011
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