Frederic Legendre
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Taxonomic bias in biodiversity data and societal preferences
J Troudet, P Grandcolas, A Blin, R Vignes-Lebbe, F Legendre
Scientific reports 7 (1), 9132, 2017
Phylogeny of Dictyoptera: dating the origin of cockroaches, praying mantises and termites with molecular data and controlled fossil evidence
F Legendre, A Nel, GJ Svenson, T Robillard, R Pellens, P Grandcolas
Plos one 10 (7), e0130127, 2015
The phylogeny of termites (Dictyoptera: Isoptera) based on mitochondrial and nuclear markers: implications for the evolution of the worker and pseudergate castes, and foraging …
F Legendre, MF Whiting, C Bordereau, EM Cancello, TA Evans, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 48 (2), 615-627, 2008
An integrative phylogenomic approach illuminates the evolutionary history of cockroaches and termites (Blattodea)
DA Evangelista, B Wipfler, O Béthoux, A Donath, M Fujita, MK Kohli, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1895), 20182076, 2019
Evolution on a shaky piece of Gondwana: is local endemism recent in New Caledonia?
J Murienne, P Grandcolas, MD Piulachs, X Bellés, C D'Haese, ...
Cladistics 21 (1), 2-7, 2005
Laying the foundations of evolutionary and systematic studies in crickets (Insecta, Orthoptera): a multilocus phylogenetic analysis
IC Chintauan‐Marquier, F Legendre, S Hugel, T Robillard, P Grandcolas, ...
Cladistics 32 (1), 54-81, 2016
The evolutionary transition from subsocial to eusocial behaviour in Dictyoptera: phylogenetic evidence for modification of the “shift-in-dependent-care” hypothesis with a new …
R Pellens, CA D’Haese, X Bellés, MD Piulachs, F Legendre, WC Wheeler, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 43 (2), 616-626, 2007
To be or not to be: postcubital vein in insects revealed by microtomography
T Schubnel, L Desutter‐Grandcolas, F Legendre, J Prokop, A Mazurier, ...
Systematic Entomology 45 (2), 327-336, 2020
The importance of ambient sound level to characterise anuran habitat
S Goutte, A Dubois, F Legendre
Plos one 8 (10), e78020, 2013
Competitive masking of vibrational signals during mate searching in a treehopper
F Legendre, PR Marting, RB Cocroft
Animal Behaviour 83 (2), 361-368, 2012
One hundred years of instability in ensiferan relationships
F Legendre, T Robillard, H Song, MF Whiting, L Desutter‐Grandcolas
Systematic Entomology 35 (3), 475-488, 2010
The increasing disconnection of primary biodiversity data from specimens: how does it happen and how to handle it?
J Troudet, R Vignes-Lebbe, P Grandcolas, F Legendre
Systematic biology 67 (6), 1110-1119, 2018
Updating the phylogenetic dating of New Caledonian biodiversity with a meta-analysis of the available evidence
R Nattier, R Pellens, T Robillard, H Jourdan, F Legendre, M Caesar, A Nel, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 3705, 2017
How the environment shapes animal signals: a test of the acoustic adaptation hypothesis in frogs
S Goutte, A Dubois, SD Howard, R Márquez, JJL Rowley, JM Dehling, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31 (1), 148-158, 2018
Environmental constraints and call evolution in torrent-dwelling frogs
S Goutte, A Dubois, SD Howard, R Marquez, JJL Rowley, JM Dehling, ...
Evolution 70 (4), 811-826, 2016
Phylogenetic analysis and alignment of behavioral sequences by direct optimization
T Robillard, F Legendre, L Desutter‐Grandcolas, P Grandcolas
Cladistics 22 (6), 602-633, 2006
Mapping extrinsic traits such as extinction risks or modelled bioclimatic niches on phylogenies: does it make sense at all?
P Grandcolas, R Nattier, F Legendre, R Pellens
Cladistics 27 (2), 181-185, 2011
In and out of the Neotropics: historical biogeography of Eneopterinae crickets
N Vicente, GJ Kergoat, J Dong, K Yotoko, F Legendre, R Nattier, ...
Journal of Biogeography 44 (10), 2199-2210, 2017
The first ant-termite syninclusion in amber with CT-scan analysis of taphonomy
D Coty, C Aria, R Garrouste, P Wils, F Legendre, A Nel
PloS one 9 (8), e104410, 2014
Convergence and parallelism: is a new life ahead of old concepts?
L Desutter‐Grandcolas, F Legendre, P Grandcolas, T Robillard, ...
Cladistics 21 (1), 51-61, 2005
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