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Michael O'Donohue
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Glycosynthesis in a waterworld: new insight into the molecular basis of transglycosylation in retaining glycoside hydrolases
B Bissaro, P Monsan, R Fauré, MJ O’Donohue
Biochemical Journal 467 (1), 17-35, 2015
Thermobacillus xylanilyticus gen. nov., sp. nov., a new aerobic thermophilic xylan-degrading bacterium isolated from farm soil.
JP Touzel, M O'Donohue, P Debeire, E Samain, C Breton
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 50 (1 …, 2000
Bioinformatics of the glycoside hydrolase family 57 and identification of catalytic residues in amylopullulanase from Thermococcus hydrothermalis
R Zona, F Chang‐Pi‐Hin, MJ O'Donohue, Š Janeček
European Journal of Biochemistry 271 (14), 2863-2872, 2004
Genetic and Biochemical Characterization of a Highly Thermostable α-l-Arabinofuranosidase fromThermobacillus xylanilyticus
T Debeche, N Cummings, I Connerton, P Debeire, MJ O'Donohue
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 66 (4), 1734-1736, 2000
The 2.1 Å structure of an elicitin-ergosterol complex: a recent addition to the sterol carrier protein family
G Boissy, M O'DONOHUE, O Gaudemer, V Perez, JC Pernollet, S Brunie
Protein science 8 (6), 1191-1199, 1999
The Type II Pullulanase of Thermococcus hydrothermalis: Molecular Characterization of the Gene and Expression of the Catalytic Domain
M Erra-Pujada, P Debeire, F Duchiron, MJ O’Donohue
Journal of bacteriology 181 (10), 3284-3287, 1999
White biotechnology: state of the art strategies for the development of biocatalysts for biorefining
S Heux, I Meynial-Salles, MJ O'Donohue, C Dumon
Biotechnology advances 33 (8), 1653-1670, 2015
Progress and future prospects for pentose-specific biocatalysts in biorefining
C Dumon, L Song, S Bozonnet, R Fauré, MJ O’Donohue
Process Biochemistry 47 (3), 346-357, 2012
A brief and informationally rich naming system for oligosaccharide motifs of heteroxylans found in plant cell walls
R Fauré, CM Courtin, JA Delcour, C Dumon, CB Faulds, GB Fincher, ...
Australian Journal of Chemistry 62 (6), 533-537, 2009
Engineering increased thermostability in the thermostable GH-11 xylanase from Thermobacillus xylanilyticus
G Paës, MJ O’Donohue
Journal of Biotechnology 125 (3), 338-350, 2006
The Role of Histidine 231 in Thermolysin-like Enzymes.: A SITE-DIRECTED MUTAGENESIS STUDY (∗)
A Beaumont, MJ O'Donohue, N Paredes, N Rousselet, M Assicot, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (28), 16803-16808, 1995
Mining for hemicellulases in the fungus-growing termite Pseudacanthotermes militaris using functional metagenomics
G Bastien, G Arnal, S Bozonnet, S Laguerre, F Ferreira, R Fauré, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 6 (1), 1-15, 2013
Cloning and expression in Bacillus subtilis of the npr gene from Bacillus thermoproteolyticus Rokko coding for the thermostable metalloprotease thermolysin
MJ O'Donohue, BP Roques, A Beaumont
Biochemical Journal 300 (2), 599-603, 1994
The roles of the prosequence of thermolysin in enzyme inhibition and folding in vitro
MJ O'Donohue, A Beaumont
Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (43), 26477-26481, 1996
Engineering better biomass-degrading ability into a GH11 xylanase using a directed evolution strategy
L Song, B Siguier, C Dumon, S Bozonnet, MJ O'Donohue
Biotechnology for biofuels 5 (1), 1-16, 2012
Engineering better biomass-degrading ability into a GH11 xylanase using a directed evolution strategy
L Song, B Siguier, C Dumon, S Bozonnet, MJ O'Donohue
Biotechnology for biofuels 5 (1), 1-16, 2012
Chemical synthesis, expression and mutagenesis of a gene encoding β-cryptogein, an elicitin produced by Phytophthora cryptogea
MJ O'Donohue, H Gousseau, JC Huet, D Tepfer, JC Pernollet
Plant molecular biology 27 (3), 577-586, 1995
Probing a family GH11 endo-β-1, 4-xylanase inhibition mechanism by phenolic compounds: Role of functional phenolic groups
I Boukari, M O’Donohue, C Rémond, B Chabbert
Journal of molecular catalysis B: enzymatic 72 (3-4), 130-138, 2011
Development of cellobiose-degrading ability in Yarrowia lipolytica strain by overexpression of endogenous genes
Z Guo, S Duquesne, S Bozonnet, G Cioci, JM Nicaud, A Marty, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 8 (1), 1-16, 2015
The Structure of the Complex between a Branched Pentasaccharide and Thermobacillus xylanilyticus GH-51 Arabinofuranosidase Reveals Xylan-Binding …
G Paës, LK Skov, MJ O’Donohue, C Rémond, JS Kastrup, M Gajhede, ...
Biochemistry 47 (28), 7441-7451, 2008
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