Martin Švec
Martin Švec
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Strain-driven moiré superstructures of epitaxial graphene on transition metal surfaces
P Merino, M Švec, AL Pinardi, G Otero, JA Martín-Gago
Acs Nano 5 (7), 5627-5634, 2011
Mapping the electrostatic force field of single molecules from high-resolution scanning probe images
P Hapala, M Švec, O Stetsovych, NJ Van Der Heijden, M Ondráček, ...
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From helical to planar chirality by on-surface chemistry
O Stetsovych, M Švec, J Vacek, JV Chocholoušová, A Jančařík, ...
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Z Majzik, MR Tchalala, M Švec, P Hapala, H Enriquez, A Kara, AJ Mayne, ...
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Graphene etching on SiC grains as a path to interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons formation
P Merino, M Švec, JI Martinez, P Jelinek, P Lacovig, M Dalmiglio, S Lizzit, ...
Nature communications 5, 3054, 2014
Non-covalent control of spin-state in metal-organic complex by positioning on N-doped graphene
PJ Bruno de la Torre, Martin Švec, Prokop Hapala, Jesus Redondo, Ondřej ...
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Structural and electronic properties of nitrogen-doped graphene
J Sforzini, P Hapala, M Franke, G Van Straaten, A Stöhr, S Link, ...
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Silicene versus two-dimensional ordered silicide: Atomic and electronic structure of Si-(√19×√19)R23.4° / Pt(111)
M Švec, P Hapala, M Ondráček, P Merino, M Blanco-Rey, P Mutombo, ...
Physical Review B 89 (20), 201412, 2014
van der Waals interactions mediating the cohesion of fullerenes on graphene
M Švec, P Merino, YJ Dappe, C González, E Abad, P Jelínek, ...
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Core and valence band photoemission spectroscopy of well-ordered ultrathin TiO x films on Pt (111)
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Tip-induced reduction of the resonant tunneling current on semiconductor surfaces
P Jelínek, M Švec, P Pou, R Perez, V Cháb
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Large converse piezoelectric effect measured on a single molecule on a metallic surface
O Stetsovych, P Mutombo, M Švec, M Šámal, J Nejedlý, I Císařová, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (3), 940-946, 2018
Submolecular Resolution by Variation of the Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy Amplitude and its Relation to the AFM/STM Signal
B de la Torre, M Švec, G Foti, O Krejčí, P Hapala, A Garcia-Lekue, ...
Physical review letters 119 (16), 166001, 2017
Chemical identification of single atoms in heterogeneous III–IV chains on Si (100) surface by means of nc-AFM and DFT calculations
M Setvín, P Mutombo, M Ondrácek, Z Majzik, M Švec, V Cháb, ...
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Characteristic Contrast in Δ f min Maps of Organic Molecules Using Atomic Force Microscopy
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Characterization of the mechanical properties of qPlus sensors
J Berger, M Švec, M Müller, M Ledinský, A Fejfar, P Jelínek, Z Majzik
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The effect of preadsorbed K on the size distribution of Au nanoparticles on TiO2 (1 1 0) surface
AM Kiss, M Švec, A Berkó
Surface science 600 (16), 3352-3360, 2006
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