Charl J. Jafta
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Synthesis, Characterisation and Electrochemical Intercalation Kinetics of Nanostructured Aluminium-Doped Li [Li< sub> 0.2</sub> Mn< sub> 0.54</sub> Ni< sub> 0.13</sub> Co< sub …
CJ Jafta, KI Ozoemena, MK Mathe, WD Roos
Electrochimica Acta 85, 411-422, 2012
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of High-Voltage Nanostructured LiMn1. 5Ni0. 5O4 spinel: Tuning the Mn3+ Content and Electrochemical Performance
CJ Jafta, MK Mathe, N Manyala, WD Roos, KI Ozoemena
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Fast microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of metal nanoparticles (Pd, Ni, Sn) supported on sulfonated MWCNTs: Pd-based bimetallic catalysts for ethanol oxidation in …
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Porous Ti4O7 Particles with Interconnected‐Pore Structure as a High‐Efficiency Polysulfide Mediator for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
S Mei, CJ Jafta, I Lauermann, Q Ran, M Kärgell, M Ballauff, Y Lu
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (26), 1701176, 2017
Manganese Oxide/Graphene Oxide Composites for High-Energy Aqueous Asymmetric Electrochemical Capacitors
CJ Jafta, F Nkosi, L le Roux, MK Mathe, M Kebede, K Makgopa, Y Song, ...
Electrochimica Acta 110, 228-233, 2013
Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Ethylene Glycol at Palladium-Bimetallic Nanocatalysts (PdSn and PdNi) Supported on Sulfonate-functionalised Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
T Ramulifho, KI Ozoemena, RM Modibedi, CJ Jafta, MK Mathe
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A high-rate aqueous symmetric pseudocapacitor based on highly graphitized onion-like carbon/birnessite-type manganese oxide nanohybrids
K Makgopa, PM Ejikeme, CJ Jafta, K Raju, M Zeiger, V Presser, ...
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Electrochromic and electrochemical capacitive properties of tungsten oxide and its polyaniline nanocomposite films obtained by chemical bath deposition method
AC Nwanya, CJ Jafta, PM Ejikeme, PE Ugwuoke, MV Reddy, RU Osuji, ...
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Studies on Bare and Mg-doped LiCoO2 as a cathode material for Lithium ion Batteries
MV Reddy, TW Jie, CJ Jafta, KI Ozoemena, MK Mathe, AS Nair, SS Peng, ...
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Solution-combustion synthesized nickel-substituted spinel cathode materials (LiNixMn2-xO4; 0≤ x≤ 0.2) for lithium ion battery: enhancing energy storage, capacity retention …
MA Kebede, N Kunjuzwa, CJ Jafta, MK Mathe, KI Ozoemena
Electrochimica Acta 128, 172-177, 2014
Mechanochemical synthesis of high entropy oxide materials under ambient conditions: dispersion of catalysts via entropy maximization
H Chen, W Lin, Z Zhang, K Jie, DR Mullins, X Sang, SZ Yang, CJ Jafta, ...
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Correlating Morphological Evolution of Li Electrodes With Degrading Electrochemical Performance of Li/LiCoO2 and Li/S Battery Systems: Investigated by Synchrotron X-ray Phase …
F Sun, M Osenberg, K Dong, D Zhou, A Hilger, CJ Jafta, S Risse, Y Lu, ...
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High-performance aqueous asymmetric electrochemical capacitor based on graphene oxide/cobalt (II)-tetrapyrazinoporphyrazine hybrids
SCMO Joel N. Lekitima, Kenneth I. Ozoemena, Charl J. Jafta, Nagao Kobayashi ...
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In-situ engineering of urchin-like reduced graphene oxide-Mn2O3/Mn3O4 nanostructures for supercapacitors
AT Chidembo, SH Aboutalebi, K Konstantinov, CJ Jafta, H Liu, ...
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Correlating pore size and shape to local disorder in microporous carbon: a combined small angle neutron and X-ray scattering study
CJ Jafta, A Petzold, S Risse, D Clemens, D Wallacher, G Goerigk, ...
Carbon 123, 440-447, 2017
Multidimensional operando analysis of macroscopic structure evolution in lithium sulfur cells by X-ray radiography
S Risse, CJ Jafta, Y Yang, N Kardjilov, A Hilger, I Manke, M Ballauff
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Synthesis of dispersible mesoporous nitrogen-doped hollow carbon nanoplates with uniform hexagonal morphologies for supercapacitors
J Cao, CJ Jafta, J Gong, Q Ran, X Lin, R Félix, RG Wilks, M Bär, J Yuan, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (43), 29628-29636, 2016
Microwave-assisted optimization of the manganese redox states for enhanced capacity and capacity retention of LiAl x Mn 2− x O 4 (x= 0 and 0.3) spinel materials
FP Nkosi, CJ Jafta, M Kebede, L Le Roux, MK Mathe, KI Ozoemena
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Direct experimental observation of mesoscopic fluorous domains in fluorinated room temperature ionic liquids
FL Celso, Y Yoshida, F Castiglione, M Ferro, A Mele, CJ Jafta, A Triolo, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (20), 13101-13110, 2017
Small-angle neutron scattering and Molecular Dynamics structural study of gelling DNA nanostars
J Fernandez-Castanon, F Bomboi, L Rovigatti, M Zanatta, A Paciaroni, ...
Journal of Chemical Physics 145, 084910, 2016
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