Lauren E. Des Marteaux
Lauren E. Des Marteaux
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
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Effects of cold-acclimation on gene expression in Fall field cricket (Gryllus pennsylvanicus) ionoregulatory tissues
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Reversing sodium differentials between the hemolymph and hindgut speeds chill coma recovery but reduces survival in the fall field cricket, Gryllus pennsylvanicus
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A mixture of innate cryoprotectants is key for freeze tolerance and cryopreservation of a drosophilid fly larva
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Circadian clock outputs regulating insect photoperiodism: A potential role for glutamate transporter
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Terrestrial isopods Porcellio scaber and Oniscus asellus (Crustacea: Isopoda) increase bacterial abundance and modify microbial community structure in leaf litter microcosms: A …
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Mechanisms Underlying Variation in Insect Chill Tolerance: The Role of Ion and Water Transport
LE Des Marteaux
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