Lorenzo Consorti
Lorenzo Consorti
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Praetaberina new genus (type species: Taberina bingistani Henson, 1948): a stratigraphic marker for the late Cenomanian
L Consorti, E Caus, G Frijia, M Yazdi-Moghadam
Journal of Foraminiferal Research 45 (4), 378-389, 2015
Oceans, Lakes and Stromatolites on Mars, Advances in Astronomy, 2020, doi. org
R Joseph, O Planchon, NS Duxbury, K Latif, GJ Kidron, L Consorti, ...
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L Consorti, G Frijia, E Caus
Cretaceous Research 70, 226-243, 2017
Mars: Algae, Lichens, Fossils, Minerals, Microbial Mats, and Stromatolites in Gale Crater
RJ Joseph, L Graham, B Büdel, P Jung, GJ Kidron, K Latif, RA Armstrong, ...
Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science Reviews 3 (1), 40-111, 2020
Response of western South American epeiric-neritic ecosystem to middle Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
JP Navarro-Ramirez, S Bodin, L Consorti, A Immenhauser
Cretaceous Research 75, 61-80, 2017
A new evidence of passing the Maastichtian–Paleocene boundary by larger benthic foraminifers: The case of Elazigina from the Maastrichtian Tarbur Formation of Iran
L Consorti, K Rashidi
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 63 (3), 2018
Pseudorhapydionina bilottei sp. nov., an endemic foraminifera from the post-Cenomanian/Turonian boundary (Pyrenees, NE Spain)
L Consorti, C Boix, E Caus
Cretaceous Research 59, 147-154, 2016
Tectonically controlled carbonate-seated maar-diatreme volcanoes: The case of the Volsci Volcanic Field, central Italy
GL Cardello, L Consorti, DM Palladino, E Carminati, M Carlini, C Doglioni
Journal of Geodynamics 139, 101763, 2020
Maastrichtian-Paleocene larger Foraminifera biostratigraphy and facies of the Şahinkaya Member (NE Sakarya Zone, Turkey): Insights into the Eastern Pontides arc sedimentary cover
L Consorti, F Köroğlu
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 183, 103965, 2019
Constraining the onset of flexural subsidence and peripheral bulge extension in the Miocene foreland of the southern Apennines (Italy) by Sr-isotope stratigraphy
M Sabbatino, S Vitale, S Tavani, L Consorti, A Corradetti, A Cipriani, ...
Sedimentary geology 401, 105634, 2020
Ornatorotalia pila n. sp. from the late Palaeocene of Iran: ecological, evolutionary and paleobiogeographic inferences
A Benedetti, L Consorti, F Schlagintweit, K Rashidi
Historical Biology 33 (9), 1796-1803, 2021
Remarks on Fissoelphidium operculiferum Smout, 1955 (larger Foraminifera, Maastrichtian of Zagros) and comments on the associated rotaloidean and other lamellar perforate …
L Consorti, K Rashidi
Cretaceous Research 94, 59-71, 2019
Forebulge migration in the foreland basin system of the central‐southern Apennine fold‐thrust belt (Italy): New high‐resolution Sr‐isotope dating constraints
M Sabbatino, S Tavani, S Vitale, K Ogata, A Corradetti, L Consorti, ...
Basin Research 33 (5), 2817-2836, 2021
Oceans, lakes, and stromatolites on Mars
RG Joseph, O Planchon, NS Duxbury, K Latif, GJ Kidron, L Consorti, ...
Advances in Astronomy 2020, 1-15, 2020
New Rotaliids (benthic Foraminifera) from the Late Cretaceous of the Pyrenees in northeastern Spain
L Consorti, R Villalonga, E Caus
Journal of Foraminiferal Research 47 (3), 284-293, 2017
An Italian dinosaur Lagerstätte reveals the tempo and mode of hadrosauriform body size evolution
AA Chiarenza, M Fabbri, L Consorti, M Muscioni, DC Evans, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 23295, 2021
Constraining the passive to active margin tectonics of the internal central Apennines: insights from biostratigraphy, structural, and seismic analysis
GL Cardello, G Vico, L Consorti, M Sabbatino, E Carminati, C Doglioni
Geosciences 11 (4), 160, 2021
Pseudorhapydionininae of the Iberian Ranges (Cenomanian, Iberian Peninsula)
L Consorti, A Calonge, E Caus
Spanish Journal of Palaeontology 31 (2), 271-282, 2020
Three shell types in Mardinella daviesi indicate the evolution of a paratrimorphic life cycle among late Paleocene soritid benthic foraminifera
L Consorti, F Schlagintweit, K Rashidi
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 2020
Palaeoelphidium gen. nov.(type species: Elphidiella multiscissurata Smout 1955): The oldest Elphidiellidae (benthic foraminifera) from Maastrichtian shallow-water carbonates of …
L Consorti, F Schlagintweit, K Rashidi
Cretaceous Research 86, 163-169, 2018
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