Mathias Bersweiler
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Using small-angle scattering to guide functional magnetic nanoparticle design
D Honecker, M Bersweiler, S Erokhin, D Berkov, K Chesnel, DA Venero, ...
Nanoscale advances 4 (4), 1026-1059, 2022
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ECI Enobio, M Bersweiler, H Sato, S Fukami, H Ohno
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M Bersweiler, E Pratami Sinaga, I Peral, N Adachi, P Bender, NJ Steinke, ...
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Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
H Sato, S Ikeda, M Bersweiler, H Honjo, K Watanabe, S Fukami, ...
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Unraveling Nanostructured Spin Textures in Bulk Magnets
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Micromagnetic simulation of neutron scattering from spherical nanoparticles: Effect of pore-type defects
E Pratami Sinaga, MP Adams, M Bersweiler, LG Vivas, EH Hasdeo, ...
Physical Review B 107 (1), 014416, 2023
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M Bersweiler, ECI Enobio, S Fukami, H Sato, H Ohno
Applied Physics Letters 113 (17), 2018
Magnetic nanoprecipitates and interfacial spin disorder in zero-field-annealed Ni50Mn45In5 Heusler alloys as seen by magnetic small-angle neutron scattering
M Bersweiler, P Bender, I Peral, E Pratami Sinaga, D Honecker, ...
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The benefits of a Bayesian analysis for the characterization of magnetic nanoparticles
M Bersweiler, HG Rubio, D Honecker, A Michels, P Bender
Nanotechnology 31 (43), 435704, 2020
Magnetic control of the zero-magnetization ferromagnet Sm 1− x Gd x Al 2
M Bersweiler, K Dumesnil, F Wilhelm, A Rogalev
Physical Review B 88 (5), 054411, 2013
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