Silvia Lasala
Silvia Lasala
Researcher at LRGP (Laboratoire Réactions et Génie des Procédés) - CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) , Nancy (France)
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A consistency test for α-functions of cubic equations of state
Y Le Guennec, S Lasala, R Privat, JN Jaubert
Fluid Phase Equilibria 427, 513-538, 2016
On the imperative need to use a consistent α-function for the prediction of pure-compound supercritical properties with a cubic equation of state
Y Le Guennec, R Privat, S Lasala, JN Jaubert
Fluid Phase Equilibria 445, 45-53, 2017
VLE properties of CO2–Based binary systems containing N2, O2 and Ar: Experimental measurements and modelling results with advanced cubic equations of state
S Lasala, P Chiesa, R Privat, JN Jaubert
Fluid Phase Equilibria 428, 18-31, 2016
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Comparison between ORC and CO2 power systems for the exploitation of low-medium temperature heat sources
M Astolfi, D Alfani, S Lasala, E Macchi
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CM Invernizzi, P Iora, G Manzolini, S Lasala
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Modeling the Thermodynamics of Fluids Treated by CO2 Capture Processes with Peng–Robinson + Residual Helmholtz Energy-Based Mixing Rules
S Lasala, P Chiesa, R Privat, JN Jaubert
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Thermal stability analysis of perfluorohexane
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S Lasala, P Chiesa, R Privat, JN Jaubert
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S Lasala, P Chiesa, D Di Bona, S Consonni
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Optimizing thermodynamic models: the relevance of molar fraction uncertainties
S Lasala, P Chiesa, R Privat, JN Jaubert
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 62 (2), 825-832, 2017
Selection Maps For ORC And CO2 Systems For Low-Medium Temperature Heat Sources
M Astolfi, S Lasala, E Macchi
Energy Procedia 129, 971-978, 2017
Advanced cubic equations of state for accurate modelling of fluid mixtures. Application to CO2 capture systems
S Lasala
Ph. D. Thesis, Politecnico di Milano, 2016
CO2-TiCl4 working fluid for high-temperature heat source power cycles and solar application
D Bonalumi, S Lasala, E Macchi
Renewable Energy 147, 2842-2854, 2020
Thermodynamic study of binary systems containing sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide: measurements and modelling
B Creton, C Nieto-Draghi, T De Bruin, V Lachet, E El Ahmar, A Valtz, ...
Fluid Phase Equilibria 461, 84-100, 2018
The design of CO2-based working fluids for high-temperature heat source power cycles
S Lasala, D Bonalumi, E Macchi, R Privat, JN Jaubert
Energy Procedia 129, 947-954, 2017
Sizing and operating units for the purification and compression of CO2-based streams: The impact of thermodynamic model accuracy
S Lasala, P Chiesa, R Privat, JN Jaubert
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 140, 336-347, 2018
Modelling the thermodynamics of air-component mixtures (N2, O2 and Ar): Comparison and performance analysis of available models
S Lasala, R Privat, JN Jaubert, P Arpentinier
Fluid Phase Equilibria 458, 278-287, 2018
Inert and Reactive Working Fluids for Closed Power Cycles: Present Knowledge, Applications and Open Researches
S Lasala, R Privat, JN Jaubert
Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Heat Recovery, 1, 2018
The Impact of Thermodynamic Model Accuracy on Sizing and Operating CCS Purification and Compression Units
S Lasala, R Privat, JN Jaubert
Cutting-Edge Technology for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage, 317-359, 2018
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