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Lionel Bureau
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Density effects on collapse, compression, and adhesion of thermoresponsive polymer brushes
IB Malham, L Bureau
Langmuir 26 (7), 4762-4768, 2010
Nanoconfined ionic liquids: effect of surface charges on flow and molecular layering
I Bou-Malham, L Bureau
Soft Matter 6 (17), 4062-4065, 2010
Rheological aging and rejuvenation in solid friction contacts
L Bureau, T Baumberger, C Caroli
The European Physical Journal E 8 (3), 331-337, 2002
Shear response of a frictional interface to a normal load modulation
L Bureau, T Baumberger, C Caroli
Physical Review E 62 (5), 6810, 2000
Mechanical characterization of a styrene–butadiene modified mortar
L Bureau, A Alliche, P Pilvin, S Pascal
Materials Science and Engineering: A 308 (1-2), 233-240, 2001
Sliding friction at a rubber/brush interface
L Bureau, L Léger
Langmuir 20 (11), 4523-4529, 2004
Elasticity and onset of frictional dissipation at a non–sliding multi–contact interface
L Bureau, C Caroli, T Baumberger
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2003
Nonlinear rheology of a nanoconfined simple fluid
L Bureau
Physical review letters 104 (21), 218302, 2010
Thermoresponsive micropatterned substrates for single cell studies
K Mandal, M Balland, L Bureau
PloS one 7 (5), 2012
Stabilization of frictional sliding by normal load modulation
A Cochard, L Bureau, T Baumberger
J. Appl. Mech. 70 (2), 220-226, 2003
Low-velocity friction between macroscopic solids
L Bureau, T Baumberger, C Caroli, O Ronsin
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IV-Physics 2 (5), 699-707, 2001
Red blood cell dynamics in polymer brush-coated microcapillaries: A model of endothelial glycocalyx in vitro
L Lanotte, G Tomaiuolo, C Misbah, L Bureau, S Guido
Biomicrofluidics 8 (1), 014104, 2014
Viscoelastic transient of confined red blood cells
G Prado, A Farutin, C Misbah, L Bureau
Biophysical journal 108 (9), 2126-2136, 2015
Microvasculature on a chip: study of the Endothelial Surface Layer and the flow structure of Red Blood Cells
D Tsvirkun, A Grichine, A Duperray, C Misbah, L Bureau
Scientific reports 7, 45036, 2017
Drainage of a nanoconfined simple fluid: rate effects on squeeze-out dynamics
L Bureau, A Arvengas
Physical Review E 78 (6), 061501, 2008
Rate effects on layering of a confined linear alkane
L Bureau
Physical review letters 99 (22), 225503, 2007
Non-Amontons behavior of friction in single contacts
L Bureau, T Baumberger, C Caroli
The European Physical Journal E 19 (2), 163-169, 2006
Flow reduction in microchannels coated with a polymer brush
L Lanotte, S Guido, C Misbah, P Peyla, L Bureau
Langmuir 28 (38), 13758-13764, 2012
The conformation of thermoresponsive polymer brushes probed by optical reflectivity
S Varma, L Bureau, D Débarre
Langmuir 32 (13), 3152-3163, 2016
Frictional dissipation and interfacial glass transition of polymeric solids
L Bureau, C Caroli, T Baumberger
Physical review letters 97 (22), 225501, 2006
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