Laetitia Attaiech
Laetitia Attaiech
CNRS researcher in Xavier Charpentier's team, CIRI, Lyon, France
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Antibiotic stress induces genetic transformability in the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae
M Prudhomme, L Attaiech, G Sanchez, B Martin, JP Claverys
Science 313 (5783), 89-92, 2006
Antibiotic-induced replication stress triggers bacterial competence by increasing gene dosage near the origin
J Slager, M Kjos, L Attaiech, JW Veening
Cell 157 (2), 395-406, 2014
SMC is recruited to oriC by ParB and promotes chromosome segregation in Streptococcus pneumoniae
A Minnen, L Attaiech, M Thon, S Gruber, JW Veening
Molecular microbiology 81 (3), 676-688, 2011
Role of the single-stranded DNA–binding protein SsbB in pneumococcal transformation: maintenance of a reservoir for genetic plasticity
L Attaiech, A Olivier, I Mortier-Barrière, AL Soulet, C Granadel, B Martin, ...
PLoS genetics 7 (6), e1002156, 2011
Silencing of natural transformation by an RNA chaperone and a multitarget small RNA
L Attaiech, A Boughammoura, C Brochier-Armanet, O Allatif, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (31), 8813-8818, 2016
Control of transcription elongation by GreA determines rate of gene expression in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Y Yuzenkova, P Gamba, M Herber, L Attaiech, S Shafeeq, OP Kuipers, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (17), 10987-10999, 2014
Identification of the major protein component of the pneumococcal eclipse complex
DA Morrison, I Mortier-Barrière, L Attaiech, JP Claverys
Journal of bacteriology 189 (17), 6497-6500, 2007
RadC, a misleading name?
L Attaiech, C Granadel, JP Claverys, B Martin
Journal of bacteriology 190 (16), 5729-5732, 2008
RNA chaperones step out of Hfq’s shadow
L Attaiech, JNM Glover, X Charpentier
Trends in microbiology 25 (4), 247-249, 2017
The ParB-parS chromosome segregation system modulates competence development in Streptococcus pneumoniae
L Attaiech, A Minnen, M Kjos, S Gruber, JW Veening
MBio 6 (4), e00662-15, 2015
Natural transformation occurs independently of the essential actin-like MreB cytoskeleton in Legionella pneumophila
PA Juan, L Attaiech, X Charpentier
Scientific reports 5, 16033, 2015
Silently transformable: the many ways bacteria conceal their built-in capacity of genetic exchange
L Attaiech, X Charpentier
Current genetics 63 (3), 451-455, 2017
Diverse conjugative elements silence natural transformation in Legionella species
I Durieux, C Ginevra, L Attaiech, K Picq, PA Juan, S Jarraud, ...
bioRxiv, 623074, 2019
Déterminants de stabilité et de maturation de l'ADN internalisé lors de la transformation génétique naturelle chez Streptococcus pneumoniae
L Attaiech
Université de Toulouse, Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, 2009
RadC, a Misleading Name?
B Martin, L Attaiech, C Granadel, JP Claverys
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 190 (16), 5729-5732, 2008
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