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Eriko Sasaki
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The AtGenExpress hormone and chemical treatment data set: experimental design, data evaluation, model data analysis and data access
H Goda, E Sasaki, K Akiyama, A Maruyama‐Nakashita, K Nakabayashi, ...
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Epigenomic diversity in a global collection of Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
T Kawakatsu, SSC Huang, F Jupe, E Sasaki, RJ Schmitz, MA Urich, ...
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Role of camalexin, indole glucosinolates, and side chain modification of glucosinolate‐derived isothiocyanates in defense of Arabidopsis against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
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AtMetExpress development: a phytochemical atlas of Arabidopsis development
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Feedback-regulation of strigolactone biosynthetic genes and strigolactone-regulated genes in Arabidopsis
K Mashiguchi, E Sasaki, Y Shimada, M Nagae, K Ueno, T Nakano, ...
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Auxin biosynthesis inhibitors, identified by a genomics-based approach, provide insights into auxin biosynthesis
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"Missing" G x E Variation Controls Flowering Time in Arabidopsis thaliana
E Sasaki, P Zhang, S Atwell, D Meng, M Nordborg
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Intracellular diversity of the V4 and V9 regions of the 18S rRNA in marine protists (radiolarians) assessed by high-throughput sequencing
J Decelle, S Romac, E Sasaki, F Not, F Mahe
Plos one 9 (8), e104297, 2014
Jasmonate-Dependent and COI1-Independent Defense Responses Against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Arabidopsis thaliana: Auxin is Part of COI1-Independent …
HU Stotz, Y Jikumaru, Y Shimada, E Sasaki, N Stingl, MJ Mueller, ...
Plant and Cell Physiology 52 (11), 1941-1956, 2011
Multiple alleles at a single locus control seed dormancy in Swedish Arabidopsis
E Kerdaffrec, DL Filiault, A Korte, E Sasaki, V Nizhynska, Ü Seren, ...
elife 5, e22502, 2016
Strigolactone regulates anthocyanin accumulation, acid phosphatases production and plant growth under low phosphate condition in Arabidopsis
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Common alleles of CMT2 and NRPE1 are major determinants of CHH methylation variation in Arabidopsis thaliana
E Sasaki, T Kawakatsu, JR Ecker, M Nordborg
PLoS genetics 15 (12), e1008492, 2019
Uniconazole, a cytochrome P450 inhibitor, inhibits trans-zeatin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis
E Sasaki, T Ogura, K Takei, M Kojima, N Kitahata, H Sakakibara, T Asami, ...
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The genetic architecture of freezing tolerance varies across the range of Arabidopsis thaliana
MW Horton, G Willems, E Sasaki, M Koornneef, M Nordborg
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GWAS with heterogeneous data: estimating the fraction of phenotypic variation mediated by gene expression data
E Sasaki, F Frommlet, M Nordborg
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 8 (9), 3059-3068, 2018
AtCAST, a tool for exploring gene expression similarities among DNA microarray experiments using networks
E Sasaki, C Takahashi, T Asami, Y Shimada
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Computational analyses of ancient pathogen DNA from herbarium samples: challenges and prospects
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QTL map meets population genomics: an application to rice
JA Fawcett, T Kado, E Sasaki, S Takuno, K Yoshida, RP Sugino, S Kosugi, ...
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A cross‐scale approach to unravel the molecular basis of plant phenology in temperate and tropical climates
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New Phytologist 233 (6), 2340-2353, 2022
Revisiting a GWAS peak in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals possible confounding by genetic heterogeneity
E Sasaki, T Köcher, DL Filiault, M Nordborg
Heredity 127 (3), 245-252, 2021
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