Berenice Froment
Berenice Froment
Seismologist, IRSN
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B Froment, M Campillo, P Roux, P Gouedard, A Verdel, RL Weaver
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Utilisation du bruit sismique ambiant dans le suivi temporel de structures géologiques
B Froment
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Monitoring slight mechanical changes using seismic background noise
B Froment
Ph. D. Thesis, 2011
Complementary Dense Datasets Acquired in a Low‐to‐Moderate Seismicity Area for Characterizing Site Effects: Application in the French Rhône Valley
B Froment, A Olivar‐Castaño, M Ohrnberger, L Gisselbrecht, ...
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First 3D characterization of the Rhône Messinian Canyon in the Tricastin area from complementary geophysical approaches
B Froment, EM Cushing, C Gelis, N Bagayoko, S Beaupretre, P Boue, ...
ECEES 2022-3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, 2022
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