Stefano Ugolini
Stefano Ugolini
Associate Professor of Economics, University of Toulouse
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Bagehot for beginners: the making of lender‐of‐last‐resort operations in the mid‐nineteenth century1
V Bignon, M Flandreau, S Ugolini
The Economic History Review 65 (2), 580-608, 2012
Where it all began: lending of last resort and Bank of England monitoring during the Overend-Gurney panic of 1866
M Flandreau, S Ugolini
The Origins, History, and Future of the Federal Reserve: A Return to Jekyll …, 2013
What do we really know about the long-term evolution of central banking? Evidence from the past, insights for the present
S Ugolini
The crisis of 1866
M Flandreau, S Ugolini
Dimsdale, N. and A. Hotson (eds.), 76-93, 2014
The origins of foreign exchange policy: the National Bank of Belgium and the quest for monetary independence in the 1850s
S Ugolini
European Review of Economic History 16 (1), 51-73, 2012
The coevolution of money markets and monetary policy, 1815–2008
C Jobst, S Ugolini
Central Banks at a Crossroads: What Can We Learn from History, 145-194, 2016
Foreign exchange reserve management in the nineteenth century: the National Bank of Belgium in the 1850s
S Ugolini
The Gold Standard Peripheries, 107-129, 2012
The Bank of England as the World Gold Market Maker during the Classical Gold Standard Era, 1889–1910
S Ugolini
The Global Gold Market and the International Monetary System from the late …, 2013
The international monetary system, 1844-1870: arbitrage, efficiency, liquidity
S Ugolini
The evolution of central banking: Theory and history
S Ugolini
Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2017
Liquidity management and central bank strength: Bank of England operations reloaded, 1889-1910
S Ugolini
An ‘Atypical’Case? The First Emergence of Brussels as an International Financial Centre, 1830-1860
S Ugolini
Financial Centres and International Capital Flows in the Nineteenth and …, 2011
What future for central banking? Insights from the past
S Ugolini
VoxEu. org, 2011
L’Invention d’un Système Monétaire National: Banques d’Émission, Supervision Bancaire et Développement Financier en Belgique 1822-1872 (The Invention of a National Monetary …
S Ugolini
Universal banking and the development of secondary corporate debt markets: Lessons from 1830s Belgium
S Ugolini
Beneath the Gold Points: European Financial Market Integration, 1844-1870
V Bignon, J Chen, S Ugolini
Comment on:“Floating a “lifeboat”: The Banque de France and the crisis of 1889” by PC Hautcoeur, A. Riva, and EN White
S Ugolini
Journal of Monetary Economics 65, 120-123, 2014
The Historical Evolution of Central Banking
S Ugolini
Handbook of the History of Money and Currency, 1-22, 2018
The origins of Swiss wealth management? Genevan private banking, 1800–1840
S Ugolini
Financial History Review, 1-22, 2018
Jérôme Blanc and Ludovic Desmedt, eds., Les pensées monétaires dans l'histoire: l'Europe, 1517–1776 (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2014. Pp. 1057. 8 figs. 16 tabs. ISBN …
S Ugolini
The Economic History Review 68 (4), 1466-1467, 2015
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