Sophie Brustlein
Sophie Brustlein
INSERM - Aix Marseille Université - INMED / LAI / UNIS
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Ytterbium-based bioprobes for near-infrared two-photon scanning laser microscopy imaging.
A d'Aléo, A Bourdolle, S Brustlein, T Fauquier, A Grichine, A Duperray, ...
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging on the picosecond timescale
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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime imaging by parametric image amplification
S Brustlein, F Devaux, E Lantz
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ALOHA—Astronomical Light Optical Hybrid Analysis: From experimental demonstrations to a MIR instrument proposal
L Lehmann, P Darré, L Szemendera, JT Gomes, R Baudoin, D Ceus, ...
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Y Bollmann, L Modol, T Tressard, A Vorobyev, R Dard, S Brustlein, ...
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Spot variation fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for analysis of molecular diffusion at the plasma membrane of living cells
S Mailfert, K Wojtowicz, S Brustlein, E Blaszczak, N Bertaux, ...
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e61823, 2020
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