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Electric Field Switching of the Magnetic Anisotropy of a Ferromagnetic Layer Exchange Coupled to the Multiferroic Compound
D Lebeugle, A Mougin, M Viret, D Colson, L Ranno
Physical Review Letters 103 (25), 257601, 2009
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M Schott, A Bernand-Mantel, L Ranno, S Pizzini, J Vogel, H Béa, ...
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PJ Van Zwol, L Ranno, J Chevrier
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Mechanotransductive cascade of Myo-II-dependent mesoderm and endoderm invaginations in embryo gastrulation
D Mitrossilis, JC Röper, D Le Roy, B Driquez, A Michel, C Ménager, ...
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Magnetic memory with spin-polarized current writing, using amorphous ferromagnetic alloys, writing method for same
JP Nozieres, L Ranno, Y Conraux
US Patent 7,332,781, 2008
Role of the inter-sublattice exchange coupling in short-laser-pulse-induced demagnetization dynamics of GdCo and GdCoFe alloys
A Mekonnen, AR Khorsand, M Cormier, AV Kimel, A Kirilyuk, A Hrabec, ...
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L Caron, NB Doan, L Ranno
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PJ van Zwol, L Ranno, J Chevrier
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Magnetization reversal in composition-controlled Gd1–xCox ferrimagnetic films close to compensation composition
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L Ranno, J Perrière, JP Enard, F Kerhervé, A Laurent, RP Casero
Solid state communications 83 (1), 67-71, 1992
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