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Philip K. Roche
Institute of Research Science and Technology for Environment and
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A standardized procedure for surveillance and monitoring European habitats and provision of spatial data
RGH Bunce, MJ Metzger, RHG Jongman, J Brandt, G De Blust, ...
Landscape ecology 23 (1), 11-25, 2008
Congruency analysis of species ranking based on leaf traits: which traits are the more reliable?
P Roche, N Díaz-Burlinson, S Gachet
Plant Ecology 174 (1), 37-48, 2004
Landscape context and habitat type as drivers of bee diversity in European annual crops
G Carre, P Roche, R Chifflet, N Morison, R Bommarco, J Harrison-Cripps, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 133 (1-2), 40-47, 2009
Landscape structure and food supply affect eagle owl (Bubo bubo) density and breeding performance: a case of intra-population heterogeneity
V Penteriani, M Gallardo, P Roche
Journal of Zoology 257 (3), 365-372, 2002
Effects of anthropogenic food resources on yellow-legged gull colony size on Mediterranean islands
C Duhem, P Roche, E Vidal, T Tatoni
Population ecology 50 (1), 91-100, 2008
Improving the identification of mismatches in ecosystem services assessments
IR Geijzendorffer, B Martín-López, PK Roche
Ecological Indicators 52, 320-331, 2015
Active and passive dispersal of an invading land snail in Mediterranean France
S Aubry, C Labaune, F Magnin, P Roche, L Kiss
Journal of Animal Ecology 75 (3), 802-813, 2006
Simulated responses of Pinus halepensis forest productivity to climatic change and CO2 increase using a statistical model
C Rathgeber, A Nicault, J Guiot, T Keller, F Guibal, P Roche
Global and Planetary Change 26 (4), 405-421, 2000
Comparison of old‐field and forest revegetation dynamics in Provence
T Tatoni, P Roche
Journal of Vegetation Science 5 (3), 295-302, 1994
Impact of gull colonies on the flora of the Riou archipelago (Mediterranean islands of south-east France)
E Vidal, F Médail, T Tatoni, P Roche, P Vidal
Biological Conservation 84 (3), 235-243, 1998
Patterns of secondary succession in calcareous grasslands: can we distinguish the influence of former land uses from present vegetation data?
D Alard, O Chabrerie, T Dutoit, P Roche, E Langlois
Basic and applied ecology 6 (2), 161-173, 2005
Can biodiversity monitoring schemes provide indicators for ecosystem services?
IR Geijzendorffer, PK Roche
Ecological Indicators 33, 148-157, 2013
The status of transitions between cultivated fields and their boundaries: ecotones, ecoclines or edge effects?
T Dutoit, E Buisson, E Gerbaud, P Roche, T Tatoni
Acta Oecologica 31 (2), 127-136, 2007
Functional groups in phytoecology: an application to the study of isolated plant communities in Mediterranean France
F Médail, P Roche, T Tatoni
Acta Oecologica 19 (3), 263-274, 1998
Land use history and botanical changes in the calcareous hillsides of Upper-Normandy (north-western France): new implications for their conservation management
T Dutoit, E Buisson, P Roche, D Alard
Biological conservation 115 (1), 1-19, 2004
Handbook for surveillance and monitoring of European habitats
RGH Bunce, GB Groom, RHG Jongman, E Padoa-Schippa, MJ Metzger
alterra, 2005
Functional analysis of the newly established plants induced by nesting gulls on Riou archipelago (Marseille, France)
E Vidal, F Médail, T Tatoni, P Vidal, P Roche
Acta Oecologica 19 (3), 241-250, 1998
Manual for habitat and vegetation surveillance and monitoring: temperate, mediterranean and desert biomes
RGH Bunce, MMB Bogers, P Roche, M Walczak, IR Geijzendorffer, ...
Alterra, 2011
How is the diet of yellow-legged gull chicks influenced by Parents’ accessibility to landfills?
C Duhem, E Vidal, P Roche, J Legrand
Waterbirds 28 (1), 46-52, 2005
Relative importance of abiotic and land use factors in explaining variation in woody vegetation in a French rural landscape
P Roche, T Tatoni, F Médail
Journal of Vegetation Science 9 (2), 221-228, 1998
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