Pascal Van Hentenryck
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Constraint satisfaction in logic programming
P Van Hentenryck
The constraint logic programming language CHIP
M Dincbas
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The OPL optimization programming language
P Van Hentenryck
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P Van Hentenryck, Y Deville, CM Teng
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Constraint-based local search
PV Hentenryck, L Michel
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CLP (Intervals) Revisited.
F Benhamou, DA McAllester, P Van Hentenryck
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A two-stage hybrid local search for the vehicle routing problem with time windows
R Bent, P Van Hentenryck
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Numerica: a modeling language for global optimization
P Van Hentenryck, L Michel, Y Deville
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Scenario-based planning for partially dynamic vehicle routing with stochastic customers
RW Bent, P Van Hentenryck
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Solving polynomial systems using a branch and prune approach
P Van Hentenryck, D McAllester, D Kapur
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A two-stage hybrid algorithm for pickup and delivery vehicle routing problems with time windows
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Constraint satisfaction using constraint logic programming
P Van Hentenryck, H Simonis, M Dincbas
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Design, implementation, and evaluation of the constraint language cc (FD)
P Van Hentenryck, V Saraswat, Y Deville
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M Dincbas, H Simonis, P Van Hentenryck
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M Dincbas, H Simonis, P Van Hentenryck
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Rapid assessment of disaster damage using social media activity
Y Kryvasheyeu, H Chen, N Obradovich, E Moro, P Van Hentenryck, ...
Science advances 2 (3), e1500779, 2016
A simulated annealing approach to the traveling tournament problem
A Anagnostopoulos, L Michel, P Van Hentenryck, Y Vergados
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A linear-programming approximation of AC power flows
C Coffrin, P Van Hentenryck
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Online stochastic combinatorial optimization
PV Hentenryck, R Bent
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The Cardinality Operator: A New Logical Connective for Constraint Logic Programming.
P Van Hentenryck, Y Deville
Brown University, Department of Computer Science, 1990
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