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Inland human settlement in southern Arabia 55,000 years ago. New evidence from the Wadi Surdud Middle Paleolithic site complex, western Yemen
A Delagnes, C Tribolo, P Bertran, M Brenet, R Crassard, J Jaubert, ...
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Evidence of a false thumb in a fossil carnivore clarifies the evolution of pandas
MJ Salesa, M Antón, S Peigné, J Morales
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AC Fabre, R Cornette, A Goswami, S Peigné
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Getting a grip on the evolution of grasping in musteloid carnivorans: a three‐dimensional analysis of forelimb shape
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Chad: discovery of a vertebrate fauna close to the Mio-Pliocene boundary
M Brunet, et al.
Detecting taxonomic and phylogenetic signals in equid cheek teeth: towards new palaeontological and archaeological proxies
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Do functional demands associated with locomotor habitat, diet, and activity pattern drive skull shape evolution in musteloid carnivorans?
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The complete phylogeny of pangolins: scaling up resources for the molecular tracing of the most trafficked mammals on earth
P Gaubert, A Antunes, H Meng, L Miao, S Peigné, F Justy, F Njiokou, ...
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Implications of the functional anatomy of the hand and forearm of Ailurus fulgens (Carnivora, Ailuridae) for the evolution of the ‘false‐thumb’ in pandas
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Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the postcranial skeleton of Simocyon batalleri (Viret, 1929) (Carnivora, Ailuridae) from the Late Miocene of Spain
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Systematics and phylogeny of the small felines (Carnivora, Felidae) from the Late Miocene of Europe: a new species of Felinae from the Vallesian of Batallones (MN 10, Madrid …
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S Peigné
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AC Fabre, A Goswami, S Peigné, R Cornette
Journal of Anatomy 225 (1), 19-30, 2014
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