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Miguel Saggu
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A unique iron-sulfur cluster is crucial for oxygen tolerance of a [NiFe]-hydrogenase
T Goris, AF Wait, M Saggu, J Fritsch, N Heidary, M Stein, I Zebger, ...
Nature chemical biology 7 (5), 310-318, 2011
Spectroscopic insights into the oxygen-tolerant membrane-associated [NiFe] hydrogenase of Ralstonia eutropha H16
M Saggu, I Zebger, M Ludwig, O Lenz, B Friedrich, P Hildebrandt, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (24), 16264-16276, 2009
Experimental quantification of electrostatics in X–H··· π hydrogen bonds
M Saggu, NM Levinson, SG Boxer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (46), 18986-18997, 2012
Direct measurements of electric fields in weak OH··· π hydrogen bonds
M Saggu, NM Levinson, SG Boxer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (43), 17414-17419, 2011
Trapping and Characterization of a Reaction Intermediate in Carbapenem Hydrolysis by B. cereus Metallo-β-lactamase
MF Tioni, LI Llarrull, AA Poeylaut-Palena, MA Martí, M Saggu, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (47), 15852-15863, 2008
Probing the Active Site of an O2‐Tolerant NAD+‐Reducing [NiFe]‐Hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha H16 by In Situ EPR and FTIR Spectroscopy
M Horch, L Lauterbach, M Saggu, P Hildebrandt, F Lendzian, R Bittl, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (43), 8026-8029, 2010
A periplasmic aldehyde oxidoreductase represents the first molybdopterin cytosine dinucleotide cofactor containing molybdo‐flavoenzyme from Escherichia coli
M Neumann, G Mittelstädt, C Iobbi‐Nivol, M Saggu, F Lendzian, ...
The FEBS journal 276 (10), 2762-2774, 2009
Overexpression, isolation, and spectroscopic characterization of the bidirectional [NiFe] hydrogenase from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
F Germer, I Zebger, M Saggu, F Lendzian, R Schulz, J Appel
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (52), 36462-36472, 2009
Identification of subvisible particles in biopharmaceutical formulations using Raman spectroscopy provides insight into polysorbate 20 degradation pathway
M Saggu, J Liu, A Patel
Pharmaceutical research 32 (9), 2877-2888, 2015
Concerted action of two novel auxiliary proteins in assembly of the active site in a membrane-bound [NiFe] hydrogenase
M Ludwig, T Schubert, I Zebger, N Wisitruangsakul, M Saggu, A Strack, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (4), 2159-2168, 2009
Site directed mutagenesis of amino acid residues at the active site of mouse aldehyde oxidase AOX1
S Schumann, M Terao, E Garattini, M Saggu, F Lendzian, P Hildebrandt, ...
PloS one 4 (4), e5348, 2009
The mechanism of assembly and cofactor insertion into Rhodobacter capsulatus xanthine dehydrogenase
S Schumann, M Saggu, N Möller, SD Anker, F Lendzian, P Hildebrandt, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (24), 16602-16611, 2008
Characterization and crystallization of mouse aldehyde oxidase 3: from mouse liver to Escherichia coli heterologous protein expression
M Mahro, C Coelho, J Trincao, D Rodrigues, M Terao, E Garattini, ...
Drug metabolism and disposition 39 (10), 1939-1945, 2011
Comparison of the membrane-bound [NiFe] hydrogenases from R. eutropha H16 and D. vulgaris Miyazaki F in the oxidized ready state by pulsed EPR
M Saggu, C Teutloff, M Ludwig, M Brecht, ME Pandelia, O Lenz, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (9), 2139-2148, 2010
Substrate recognition of nitrogenase-like dark operative protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase from Prochlorococcus marinus
MJ Bröcker, D Wätzlich, F Uliczka, S Virus, M Saggu, F Lendzian, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (44), 29873-29881, 2008
A random forest approach for counting silicone oil droplets and protein particles in antibody formulations using flow microscopy
M Saggu, AR Patel, T Koulis
Pharmaceutical research 34 (2), 479-491, 2017
Biosynthesis of (bacterio) chlorophylls: ATP-dependent transient subunit interaction and electron transfer of dark operative protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase
MJ Bröcker, D Wätzlich, M Saggu, F Lendzian, J Moser, D Jahn
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (11), 8268-8277, 2010
Impact of Amino Acid Substitutions near the Catalytic Site on the Spectral Properties of an O2‐Tolerant Membrane‐Bound [NiFe] Hydrogenase
M Saggu, M Ludwig, B Friedrich, P Hildebrandt, R Bittl, F Lendzian, ...
ChemPhysChem 11 (6), 1215-1224, 2010
Local and global electric field asymmetry in photosynthetic reaction centers
M Saggu, SD Fried, SG Boxer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (7), 1527-1536, 2019
Putative Hydrogen Bond to Tyrosine M208 in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter capsulatus Significantly Slows Primary Charge Separation
M Saggu, B Carter, X Zhou, K Faries, L Cegelski, D Holten, SG Boxer, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (24), 6721-6732, 2014
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