Jean-François Mangot
Jean-François Mangot
Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC
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Temperature regulation of marine heterotrophic prokaryotes increases latitudinally as a breach between bottom‐up and top‐down controls
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X-Cells Are Globally Distributed, Genetically Divergent Fish Parasites Related to Perkinsids and Dinoflagellates
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Assessing the viral content of uncultured picoeukaryotes in the global‐ocean by single cell genomics
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Molecular ecology, 2019
Constant abundances of ubiquitous uncultured protists in the open sea assessed by automated microscopy
JF Mangot, I Forn, A Obiol, R Massana
Environmental microbiology 20 (10), 3876-3889, 2018
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Unveilling Virophage Mavirus signatures in uncultured marine Stramenopiles through Single Cell Sequencing
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Dynamique spatio-temporelle du picoplancton eucaryote lacustre: approches moléculaires par FISH et pyrosequençage
JF Mangot
Université de Grenoble, 2011
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