amina mendil
amina mendil
USTHB, University of Sciences and Technology, Houari Boumediene, Faculty of Biological Sicences, Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology
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Pathophysiological effects of Androctonus australis hector scorpion venom: tissue damages and inflammatory response
S Adi-Bessalem, D Hammoudi-Triki, F Laraba-Djebari
Experimental and toxicologic pathology 60 (4-5), 373-380, 2008
Lung immunoreactivity and airway inflammation: their assessment after scorpion envenomation
S Adi-Bessalem, A Mendil, D Hammoudi-Triki, F Laraba-Djebari
Inflammation 35 (2), 501-508, 2012
Scorpion venom interactions with the immune system
S Adi-Bessalem, D Hammoudi-Triki, F Laraba-Djebari
Scorpion Venoms. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, 87-107, 2015
Neuropathophysiological effect and immuno-inflammatory response induced by kaliotoxin of Androctonus scorpion venom
A Ladjel-Mendil, MF Martin-Eauclaire, F Laraba-Djebari
Neuroimmunomodulation 20 (2), 99-106, 2013
Lipid-derived inflammatory mediators: their role in pathogenesis of scorpion envenomation
S Adi-Bessalem, F Laraba-Djebari
Toxicon, 219, 2013
183. Development of Immune Sera Against Algerian Scorpion Venoms: Which Antibodies for Envenoming Treatment in Regions At-Risk?
A Ladjel-Mendil, S Adi-Bessalem, D Hammoudi-Triki, F Laraba-Djebari
Toxicon 2 (60), 189-190, 2012
151. Immuno-Inflammatory Response after Scorpion Envenomation: Potential Role of Eïcosanoids and Histamine H1-Receptor
S Adi-Bessalem, A Ladjal-Mendil, D Hammoudi-Triki, F Laraba-Djebari
Toxicon 2 (60), 172, 2012
Neuro‐Modulation of Immuno‐Endocrine Response Induced by Kaliotoxin of Androctonus Scorpion Venom
A Ladjel‐Mendil, MF Martin‐Eauclaire, F Laraba‐Djebari
Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology 30 (12), 580-587, 2016
Immunomodulatory effects of interleukin-4 in neurological disorders induced by K+ channel blocker
N Ahras-Sifi, A Ladjel-Mendil, MF Martin-Eauclaire, F Laraba-Djebari
Journal of the Neurological Sciences 405, 7, 2019
Neuro-immunoinflammalion induced by neurotoxins of Androctonus venom: Involvement of COX-2/PGE2 pathway
N Sifi, A Ladjel-Mendil, F Laraba-Djebari
Toxicon 149, 94, 2018
AL Mendil, MM Eauclaire, L Fatima
Abstracts/Toxicology Letters 258S 62, S324, 2016
Involvement of serotonin and histamine in neuro-inflammation and cerebral oxidative stress induced by kaliotoxin of Aah venin
AL Mendil, MM Eauclaire, L Fatima
Toxicology Letters, S241, 2016
Effects of atropine and propranolol on lung inflammation in experimental envenomation: comparison of two buthidae venoms.
F Laraba-Djebari, S Adi-Bessalem, H Saidi, D Hammoudi-Triki
University of Nairobi, 2013
Development of immunoassay test to detect antigen circulating after envenoming
DH Triki, SA Bessalem, A Mendil, SS Merah, FD Laraba
Current Opinion in Biotechnology, S110-S111, 2011
Pharmacological assessment of some inflammatory mediators induced by components of scorpion venom
S Adi-Bessalem, S Sami-Merah, A Mendi, D Hammoudi-Triki, ...
JOURNAL OF NEUROIMMUNOLOGY 228 (1-2), 112-112, 2010
Cytotoxicity induced by Androctonus australis hector venom
D Hammoudi-Triki, H Saidi, F Guestini, L Allouache, A Mendil, ...
JOURNAL OF NEUROIMMUNOLOGY 228 (1-2), 104-104, 2010
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