Alexandre CORBEAU
Alexandre CORBEAU
Titular CNRS engineer (PhD) at UMR 6553 - Ecosystème-Biodiversité-Evolution (ECOBIO) - CNRS
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Ocean sentinel albatrosses locate illegal vessels and provide the first estimate of the extent of nondeclared fishing
H Weimerskirch, J Collet, A Corbeau, A Pajot, F Hoarau, C Marteau, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (6), 3006-3014, 2020
A bad start in life? Maternal transfer of legacy and emerging poly-and perfluoroalkyl substances to eggs in an Arctic seabird
W Jouanneau, DJ Leandri-Breton, A Corbeau, D Herzke, B Moe, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 56 (10), 6091-6102, 2021
At-sea movements of wedge-tailed shearwaters during and outside the breeding season from four colonies in New Caledonia
H Weimerskirch, S de Grissac, A Ravache, A Prudor, A Corbeau, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 633, 225-238, 2020
Development of flight and foraging behaviour in a juvenile seabird with extreme soaring capacities
A Corbeau, A Prudor, A Kato, H Weimerskirch
Journal of Animal Ecology 89 (1), 20-28, 2020
How do seabirds modify their search behaviour when encountering fishing boats?
A Corbeau, J Collet, M Fontenille, H Weimerskirch
PLoS One 14 (9), e0222615, 2019
Young frigatebirds learn how to compensate for wind drift
J Wynn, J Collet, A Prudor, A Corbeau, O Padget, T Guilford, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1937), 20201970, 2020
First explorations: ontogeny of central place foraging directions in two tropical seabirds
J Collet, A Prudor, A Corbeau, L Mendez, H Weimerskirch
Behavioral Ecology 31 (3), 815-825, 2020
Fine‐scale interactions between boats and large albatrosses indicate variable susceptibility to bycatch risk according to species and populations
A Corbeau, J Collet, F Orgeret, P Pistorius, H Weimerskirch
Animal Conservation 24 (4), 689-699, 2021
Coordination in parental effort decreases with age in a long‐lived seabird
SC Patrick, A Corbeau, D Réale, H Weimerskirch
Oikos 129 (12), 1763-1772, 2020
Spatial segregation in a sexually dimorphic central place forager: Competitive exclusion or niche divergence?
F Orgeret, RR Reisinger, T Carpenter‐Kling, DZ Keys, A Corbeau, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 90 (10), 2404-2420, 2021
Differences in foraging habitat result in contrasting fisheries interactions in two albatross populations
A Corbeau, J Collet, A Pajot, R Joo, T Thellier, H Weimerskirch
Marine Ecology Progress Series 663, 197-208, 2021
Diel at‐sea activity of two species of great albatrosses: the ontogeny of foraging and movement behaviour
A Pajot, A Corbeau, A Jambon, H Weimerskirch
Journal of Avian Biology 52 (2), 2021
Mouvements en mer des puffins fouquets reproducteurs de la colonie de Gouaro Deva (Nouvelle-Calédonie): compte rendu de mission, 25 février–14 mars 2014
P Borsa, A Corbeau, F Mcduie, L Renaudet, H Weimerskirch
IRD, Noumea; CNRS, Chize; James Cook University, Cairns; Societe …, 2014
Albatrosses develop attraction to fishing vessels during immaturity but avoid them at old age
H Weimerskirch, A Corbeau, A Pajot, SC Patrick, J Collet
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 290 (1990), 20222252, 2023
Albatrosses respond adaptively to climate variability by changing variance in a foraging trait
SC Patrick, JGA Martin, CC Ummenhofer, A Corbeau, H Weimerskirch
Global Change Biology, 2021
A healthy, premoult adult king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) with a markedly twisted beak
A Corbeau, CA Bost
Polar Record 53 (6), 631-632, 2017
Morpho-sédimentologie des sites naturels littoraux colonisés par l’Hirondelle de rivage (Riparia riparia)
J Fournier, A Corbeau, P Le Mao
Revue d'écologie 71 (1), 68-81, 2016
A standardized protocol for assessing the performance of automatic detection systems used in onshore wind power plants to reduce avian mortality
C Ballester, SM Dupont, A Corbeau, T Chambert, O Duriez, A Besnard
Journal of Environmental Management 354, 120437, 2024
Gauging the threat: exposure and attraction of sooty albatrosses and white-chinned petrels to fisheries activities in the Southern Indian Ocean
S Banda, P Pistorius, J Collet, A Corbeau, H Weimerskirch, A Pajot, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 81 (1), 75-85, 2024
DIY your captures when everything else fails: Description of an artisanal dart launcher with an assessment of the medium‐term response in a primate
A Corbeau, E Minot, C Tanvier, P Le Gouar, G Péron
African Journal of Ecology 62 (2), e13276, 2024
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