Maarten T. P. Beerepoot
Maarten T. P. Beerepoot
Department of Chemistry, UiT The Arctic University
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Benchmarking two-photon absorption cross sections: performance of CC2 and CAM-B3LYP
MTP Beerepoot, DH Friese, NH List, J Kongsted, K Ruud
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På vei mot en kollegial tilnærming til undervisning–seminarundervisning og pedagogisk opplæring av stipendiater
GK Johansen, MTP Beerepoot
Nordic Journal of STEM Education 3 (1), 38-41, 2019
Open-ended formulation of self-consistent field response theory with the polarizable continuum model for solvation
R Di Remigio, MTP Beerepoot, Y Cornaton, M Ringholm, AH Steindal, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (1), 366-379, 2017
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