Andrew Palmera Leynes
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Zero-echo-time and Dixon deep pseudo-CT (ZeDD CT): direct generation of pseudo-CT images for pelvic PET/MRI attenuation correction using deep convolutional neural networks with …
AP Leynes, J Yang, F Wiesinger, SS Kaushik, DD Shanbhag, Y Seo, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 59 (5), 852-858, 2018
PET/MRI: where might it replace PET/CT?
EC Ehman, GB Johnson, JE Villanueva‐Meyer, S Cha, AP Leynes, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 46 (5), 1247-1262, 2017
Hybrid ZTE/Dixon MR‐based attenuation correction for quantitative uptake estimation of pelvic lesions in PET/MRI
AP Leynes, J Yang, DD Shanbhag, SS Kaushik, Y Seo, TA Hope, ...
Medical physics 44 (3), 902-913, 2017
Synthetic CT generation using MRI with deep learning: How does the selection of input images affect the resulting synthetic CT?
AP Leynes, PEZ Larson
2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2018
Shuffled magnetization‐prepared multicontrast rapid gradient‐echo imaging
P Cao, X Zhu, S Tang, A Leynes, A Jakary, PEZ Larson
Magnetic resonance in medicine 79 (1), 62-70, 2018
Simultaneous segmentation and relaxometry for MRI through multitask learning
P Cao, J Liu, S Tang, AP Leynes, JM Lupo, D Xu, PEZ Larson
Medical Physics 46 (10), 4610-4621, 2019
Bayesian deep learning Uncertainty estimation and pseudo-CT prior for robust Maximum Likelihood estimation of Activity and Attenuation (UpCT-MLAA) in the presence of metal …
AP Leynes, SP Ahn, KA Wangerin, SS Kaushik, F Wiesinger, TA Hope, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.03414, 2020
Quantitative evaluation of Zero TE MR-based attenuation correction (ZTAC) for PET/MR brain imaging in an integrated time-of-flight PET/MR device: comparison to CT-based AC …
J Yang, F Wiesinger, S Kaushik, D Shanbhag, A Leynes, T Hope, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 57 (supplement 2), 640-640, 2016
Deep Learning-based MR-derived PET Prediction for Patient-Conforming PET Phantoms
A Rajagopal, A Leynes, SS James, R Laforest, P Larson, T Hope
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 61 (supplement 1), 1417-1417, 2020
Simultaneous T1 and T2 mapping of hyperpolarized 13C compounds using the bSSFP sequence
E Milshteyn, GD Reed, JW Gordon, C von Morze, P Cao, S Tang, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 312, 106691, 2020
Development of Conditional Random Field Insert for UNet-based Zonal Prostate Segmentation on T2-Weighted MRI
P Cao, SM Noworolski, O Starobinets, N Korn, SP Kramer, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.06330, 2020
PET/MRI: Where Might It
RPET Ct, EC Ehman, GB Johnson, JE Villanueva-meyer, S Cha, ...
Tissue Segmentation and Classification for PET/MR MR-based Attenuation Correction Using Zero-echo Time (ZTE) MRI
A Leynes
UCSF, 2015
Relating the Evolution of RT-Induced Vascular Injury to surrounding white matter microstructure in Adult Glioma Patients
MA Morrison, A Leynes, A Jakary, P Parvathaneni, P Larson, J Lupo
Simultaneous Relaxometry and Segmentation of Human Brain through a Deep Neural Network
P Cao, J Liu, S Tang, A Leynes, P Larson
Tissue Segmentation and Classification for PET/MR MR-based Attenuation Con-ection Using Zero-echo Time (ZTE) MRI
A Leynes
Characterizing CRT-Induced Vascular Injury in the Developing Brain
MA Morrison, E Felton, A Jakary, A Leynes, P Larson, S Mueller, J Lupo
Direct Generation of Pseudo-CT Images for Pelvic PET/MRI Networks with Multiparametric MRI
AP Leynes, J Yang, F Wiesinger, SS Kaushik, DD Shanbhag, Y Seo, ...
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