Jérôme Marrot
Jérôme Marrot
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A breathing hybrid organic–inorganic solid with very large pores and high magnetic characteristics
K Barthelet, J Marrot, D Riou, G Férey
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T Devic, C Serre, N Audebrand, J Marrot, G Férey
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Zeolitic polyoxometalate-based metal− organic frameworks (Z-POMOFs): Computational evaluation of hypothetical polymorphs and the successful targeted synthesis of the redox …
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Solid-State and Solution Studies of {Lnn(SiW11O39)} Polyoxoanions: An Example of Building Block Condensation Dependent on the Nature of the Rare Earth
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Effect of cyanato, azido, carboxylato, and carbonato ligands on the formation of cobalt (II) polyoxometalates: characterization, magnetic, and electrochemical studies of …
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[ε‐PMo12O36(OH)4{La(H2O)4}4]5+: The First ε‐PMo12O40 Keggin Ion and Its Association with the Two‐Electron‐Reduced α‐PMo12O40 Isomer
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C Serre, F Millange, J Marrot, G Férey
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C Livage, N Guillou, J Marrot, G Férey
Chemistry of materials 13 (11), 4387-4392, 2001
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