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Archak Purkayastha
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Out-of-equilibrium open quantum systems: A comparison of approximate quantum master equation approaches with exact results
A Purkayastha, A Dhar, M Kulkarni
Physical Review A 93 (6), 062114, 2016
Tensor-network method to simulate strongly interacting quantum thermal machines
M Brenes, JJ Mendoza-Arenas, A Purkayastha, MT Mitchison, SR Clark, ...
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D Tupkary, A Dhar, M Kulkarni, A Purkayastha
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A Purkayastha, S Sanyal, A Dhar, M Kulkarni
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A Purkayastha, A Dhar, M Kulkarni
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A Purkayastha, G Guarnieri, MT Mitchison, R Filip, J Goold
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A Purkayastha, G Guarnieri, S Campbell, J Prior, J Goold
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A Purkayastha, M Kulkarni, YN Joglekar
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Quantum many-body attractors
B Buca, A Purkayastha, G Guarnieri, MT Mitchison, D Jaksch, J Goold
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Taking the temperature of a pure quantum state
MT Mitchison, A Purkayastha, M Brenes, A Silva, J Goold
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Quantum dynamics in the interacting Fibonacci chain
C Chiaracane, F Pietracaprina, A Purkayastha, J Goold
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Quantum thermodynamics with fast driving and strong coupling via the mesoscopic leads approach
AM Lacerda, A Purkayastha, M Kewming, GT Landi, J Goold
Physical Review B 107 (19), 195117, 2023
Quantum transport under ac drive from the leads: A Redfield quantum master equation approach
A Purkayastha, Y Dubi
Physical Review B 96 (8), 085425, 2017
Classifying transport behavior via current fluctuations in open quantum systems
A Purkayastha
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2019 (4), 043101, 2019
Lyapunov equation in open quantum systems and non-Hermitian physics
A Purkayastha
Physical Review A 105 (6), 062204, 2022
Nonlinear transport in an out-of-equilibrium single-site Bose-Hubbard model: scaling, rectification, and time dynamics
A Purkayastha, A Dhar, M Kulkarni
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Dephasing-enhanced performance in quasiperiodic thermal machines
C Chiaracane, A Purkayastha, MT Mitchison, J Goold
Physical Review B 105 (13), 134203, 2022
Searching for Lindbladians obeying local conservation laws and showing thermalization
D Tupkary, A Dhar, M Kulkarni, A Purkayastha
Physical Review A 107 (6), 062216, 2023
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