Vladimir Juričić
Vladimir Juričić
Assistant Professor, Nordita, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University
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The space group classification of topological band-insulators
RJ Slager, A Mesaros, V Juričić, J Zaanen
Nature Physics 9 (2), 98, 2013
Theory of interacting electrons on the honeycomb lattice
IF Herbut, V Juričić, B Roy
Phys. Rev. B 79, 085116, 2009
Coulomb interaction, ripples, and the minimal conductivity of graphene
IF Herbut, V Juričić, O Vafek
Physical review letters 100 (4), 046403, 2008
Relativistic Mott criticality in graphene
IF Herbut, V Juričić, O Vafek
Physical Review B 80 (7), 075432, 2009
Conductivity of interacting massless Dirac particles in graphene: Collisionless regime
V Juričić, O Vafek, IF Herbut
Physical Review B 82 (23), 235402, 2010
Coulomb interaction at the metal-insulator critical point in graphene
V Juričić, IF Herbut, GW Semenoff
Physical Review B 80 (8), 081405, 2009
Quantum superconducting criticality in graphene and topological insulators
B Roy, V Juričić, IF Herbut
Physical Review B 87 (4), 041401, 2013
Universal probes of two-dimensional topological insulators: dislocation and π flux
V Juričić, A Mesaros, RJ Slager, J Zaanen
Physical review letters 108 (10), 106403, 2012
Unconventional superconductivity in nearly flat bands in twisted bilayer graphene
B Roy, V Juričić
Physical Review B 99 (12), 121407, 2019
Restoration of the Magnetic h c/e-Periodicity in Unconventional Superconductors
V Juričić, IF Herbut, Z Tešanović
Physical review letters 100 (18), 187006, 2008
Interplay between electronic topology and crystal symmetry: Dislocation-line modes in topological band insulators
RJ Slager, A Mesaros, V Juričić, J Zaanen
Physical Review B 90 (24), 241403, 2014
Interacting Weyl fermions: Phases, phase transitions, and global phase diagram
B Roy, P Goswami, V Juričić
Physical Review B 95 (20), 201102, 2017
Universal optical conductivity of a disordered Weyl semimetal
B Roy, V Juričić, SD Sarma
Scientific reports 6, 32446, 2016
Emergent Lorentz symmetry near fermionic quantum critical points in two and three dimensions
B Roy, V Juričić, IF Herbut
Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 (4), 18, 2016
Strain-induced time-reversal odd superconductivity in graphene
B Roy, V Juričić
Physical Review B 90 (4), 041413, 2014
Higher-order topological phases: A general principle of construction
D Călugăru, V Juričić, B Roy
Physical Review B 99 (4), 041301, 2019
Structure of twisted and buckled bilayer graphene
SK Jain, V Juričić, GT Barkema
2D Materials 4 (1), 015018, 2016
Lightly Doped La 2− x Sr x CuO 4 as a Lifshitz Helimagnet
V Juricic, MBS Neto, CM Smith
Physical review letters 96 (7), 077004, 2006
Global phase diagram of a dirty Weyl liquid and emergent superuniversality
B Roy, RJ Slager, V Juricic
Physical Review X 8 031076, 2018
Transport properties of a Luttinger liquid in the presence of several time-dependent impurities
D Makogon, V Juricic, CM Smith
Physical Review B 74 (16), 165334, 2006
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