Eleanor S. Jennings
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ES Jennings, TJB Holland
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ES Jennings, J Wade, V Laurenz, S Petitgirard
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S Petitgirard, CJ Sahle, WJ Malfait, G Spiekermann, I Blanchard, ...
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Ferropicrites as evidence for lithological heterogeneity in the mantle source of continental flood basalts
ES Jennings
University of Cambridge, 2016
Apollo 17 Sample 72415—A Fragment of the Lunar Mantle?
KK Bhanot, H Downes, E Jennings, S Wotton
53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2678, 1820, 2022
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ES Jennings, P Coull
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 59 (1), 55-67, 2024
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