Frederic Flin
Frederic Flin
Meteo-France CNRS / CNRM UMR 3589 / CEN
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Numerical and experimental investigations of the effective thermal conductivity of snow
N Calonne, F Flin, S Morin, B Lesaffre, S Rolland du Roscoat, ...
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N Calonne, C Geindreau, F Flin, S Morin, B Lesaffre, ...
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Multigrid convergence and surface area estimation
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CellDyM: A room temperature operating cryogenic cell for the dynamic monitoring of snow metamorphism by time‐lapse X‐ray microtomography
N Calonne, F Flin, B Lesaffre, A Dufour, J Roulle, P Puglièse, A Philip, ...
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F Flin, JB Brzoska, B Lesaffre, C Coléou, P Lamboley
Image Anal. Stereol. 20, 187-191, doi: 10.5566/ias.v20.p187-191, 2001
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