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Magnesium as novel material for active plasmonics in the visible wavelength range
F Sterl, N Strohfeldt, R Walter, R Griessen, A Tittl, H Giessen
Nano letters 15 (12), 7949-7955, 2015
Hydrogen-regulated chiral nanoplasmonics
X Duan, S Kamin, F Sterl, H Giessen, N Liu
Nano Letters 16 (2), 1462-1466, 2016
Large‐area low‐cost tunable plasmonic perfect absorber in the near infrared by colloidal etching lithography
R Walter, A Tittl, A Berrier, F Sterl, T Weiss, H Giessen
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (3), 398-403, 2015
Large-area low-cost plasmonic perfect absorber chemical sensor fabricated by laser interference lithography
S Bagheri, N Strohfeldt, F Sterl, A Berrier, A Tittl, H Giessen
Acs Sensors 1 (9), 1148-1154, 2016
Large-area fabrication of TiN nanoantenna arrays for refractory plasmonics in the mid-infrared by femtosecond direct laser writing and interference lithography
S Bagheri, CM Zgrabik, T Gissibl, A Tittl, F Sterl, R Walter, S De Zuani, ...
Optical Materials Express 5 (11), 2625-2633, 2015
Highly efficient dual-fiber optical trapping with 3D printed diffractive fresnel lenses
A Asadollahbaik, S Thiele, K Weber, A Kumar, J Drozella, F Sterl, ...
ACS photonics 7 (1), 88-97, 2019
Low-cost hydrogen sensor in the ppm range with purely optical readout
E Herkert, F Sterl, N Strohfeldt, R Walter, H Giessen
ACS sensors 5 (4), 978-983, 2020
Nanoscale hydrogenography on single magnesium nanoparticles
F Sterl, H Linnenbank, T Steinle, F Mörz, N Strohfeldt, H Giessen
Nano Letters 18 (7), 4293-4302, 2018
Design principles for sensitivity optimization in plasmonic hydrogen sensors
F Sterl, N Strohfeldt, S Both, E Herkert, T Weiss, H Giessen
ACS sensors 5 (4), 917-927, 2020
Watching in situ the hydrogen diffusion dynamics in magnesium on the nanoscale
J Karst, F Sterl, H Linnenbank, T Weiss, M Hentschel, H Giessen
Science Advances 6 (19), eaaz0566, 2020
Electrochemistry on inverse copper nanoantennas: Active plasmonic devices with extraordinarily large resonance shift
A Böhme, F Sterl, E Kath, M Ubl, V Manninen, H Giessen
Acs Photonics 6 (8), 1863-1868, 2019
3D printed hybrid refractive/diffractive achromat and apochromat for the visible wavelength range
M Schmid, F Sterl, S Thiele, A Herkommer, H Giessen
Optics Letters 46 (10), 2485-2488, 2021
Nanophotonic chiral sensing: How does it actually work?
S Both, M Schäferling, F Sterl, EA Muljarov, H Giessen, T Weiss
ACS nano 16 (2), 2822-2832, 2022
Electrically switchable metasurface for beam steering using PEDOT polymers
J Ratzsch, J Karst, J Fu, M Ubl, T Pohl, F Sterl, C Malacrida, M Wieland, ...
Journal of Optics 22 (12), 124001, 2020
Shaping the color and angular appearance of plasmonic metasurfaces with tailored disorder
F Sterl, E Herkert, S Both, T Weiss, H Giessen
ACS nano 15 (6), 10318-10327, 2021
Mathematical modeling of a plasmonic palladium-based hydrogen sensor
T Teutsch, N Strohfeldt, F Sterl, A Warsewa, E Herkert, D Paone, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (5), 1946-1959, 2017
Ultra-broadband and omnidirectional perfect absorber based on copper nanowire/carbon nanotube hierarchical structure
F Kiani, F Sterl, TV Tsoulos, K Weber, H Giessen, G Tagliabue
Acs Photonics 7 (2), 366-374, 2020
Optical carbon dioxide detection in the visible down to the single digit ppm range using plasmonic perfect absorbers
T Pohl, F Sterl, N Strohfeldt, H Giessen
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Optimizing magnesium thin films for optical switching applications: rules and recipes
J Karst, M Hentschel, F Sterl, H Linnenbank, M Ubl, H Giessen
Optical Materials Express 10 (6), 1346-1362, 2020
Giant Second Harmonic Generation Enhancement in a High-Q Doubly Resonant Hybrid Plasmon–Fiber Cavity System
Q Ai, F Sterl, H Zhang, J Wang, H Giessen
ACS nano 15 (12), 19409-19417, 2021
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