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Infectious Lassa virus, but not filoviruses, is restricted by BST-2/tetherin
SR Radoshitzky, L Dong, X Chi, JC Clester, C Retterer, K Spurgers, ...
Journal of virology 84 (20), 10569-10580, 2010
IFITM-2 and IFITM-3 but not IFITM-1 restrict Rift Valley fever virus
R Mudhasani, JP Tran, C Retterer, SR Radoshitzky, KP Kota, LA Altamura, ...
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A multicomponent animal virus isolated from mosquitoes
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Binding of ATP to UAP56 is necessary for mRNA export
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Identification of essential filovirion-associated host factors by serial proteomic analysis and RNAi screen
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Solid state cultivation of Streptomyces clavuligerus for cephamycin C production
KP Kota, P Sridhar
Process Biochemistry 34 (4), 325-328, 1999
Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever virus utilizes a clathrin-and early endosome-dependent entry pathway
AR Garrison, SR Radoshitzky, KP Kota, G Pegoraro, G Ruthel, JH Kuhn, ...
Virology 444 (1-2), 45-54, 2013
Ebolavirus Δ-peptide immunoadhesins inhibit Marburgvirus and Ebolavirus cell entry
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Development of high-content imaging assays for lethal viral pathogens
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Protein Kinase R Degradation Is Essential for Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection and Is Regulated by SKP1-CUL1-F-box (SCF)FBXW11-NSs E3 Ligase
R Mudhasani, JP Tran, C Retterer, KP Kota, CA Whitehouse, S Bavari
PLoS pathogens 12 (2), e1005437, 2016
Sphingosine kinase 2 is a chikungunya virus host factor co-localized with the viral replication complex
SP Reid, SR Tritsch, K Kota, CY Chiang, L Dong, T Kenny, ...
Emerging microbes & infections 4 (1), 1-9, 2015
Embryonic stem cell-derived motoneurons provide a highly sensitive cell culture model for botulinum neurotoxin studies, with implications for high-throughput drug discovery
E Kiris, JE Nuss, JC Burnett, KP Kota, DC Koh, LM Wanner, ...
Stem cell research 6 (3), 195-205, 2011
Machupo virus glycoprotein determinants for human transferrin receptor 1 binding and cell entry
SR Radoshitzky, LE Longobardi, JH Kuhn, C Retterer, L Dong, JC Clester, ...
PloS one 6 (7), e21398, 2011
High content image-based screening of a protease inhibitor library reveals compounds broadly active against Rift Valley fever virus and other highly pathogenic RNA viruses
R Mudhasani, KP Kota, C Retterer, JP Tran, CA Whitehouse, S Bavari
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 8 (8), e3095, 2014
Live cell imaging of the cancer‐related transcription factor RUNX2 during mitotic progression
SM Pockwinse, KP Kota, AJC Quaresma, AN Imbalzano, JB Lian, ...
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siRNA screen identifies trafficking host factors that modulate alphavirus infection
SR Radoshitzky, G Pegoraro, X Chī, L Dǒng, CY Chiang, L Jozwick, ...
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Recent developments in cell-based assays and stem cell technologies for botulinum neurotoxin research and drug discovery
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Expert review of molecular diagnostics 14 (2), 153-168, 2014
Multi-faceted proteomic characterization of host protein complement of Rift Valley fever virus virions and identification of specific heat shock proteins, including HSP90, as …
JE Nuss, K Kehn-Hall, A Benedict, J Costantino, M Ward, BD Peyser, ...
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Coordinated dynamics of RNA splicing speckles in the nucleus
Q Zhang, KP Kota, SG Alam, JA Nickerson, RB Dickinson, TP Lele
Journal of cellular physiology 231 (6), 1269-1275, 2016
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