Richard G. Maroun
Richard G. Maroun
Professor at Saint-Joseph University of Beirut. Dean Faculty of sciences
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Peptide inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase dissociate the enzyme oligomers
RG Maroun, S Gayet, MS Benleulmi, H Porumb, L Zargarian, H Merad, ...
Biochemistry 40 (46), 13840-13848, 2001
Extraction of polyphenols from red grape pomace assisted by pulsed ohmic heating
N El Darra, N Grimi, E Vorobiev, N Louka, R Maroun
Food and Bioprocess Technology 6 (5), 1281-1289, 2013
A Synthetic Peptide from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type‐1 Integrase Exhibits Coiled‐Coil Properties and Interferes with the in Vitro Integration Activity of …
F Sourgen, RG Maroun, V Frère, M Bouziane, C Auclair, F Troalen, ...
European journal of biochemistry 240 (3), 765-773, 1996
A comparative study of physical pretreatments for the extraction of polyphenols and proteins from vine shoots
HN Rajha, N Boussetta, N Louka, RG Maroun, E Vorobiev
Food Research International 65, 462-468, 2014
Extraction of total phenolic compounds, flavonoids, anthocyanins and tannins from grape byproducts by response surface methodology. Influence of solid-liquid ratio, particle …
HN Rajha, N El Darra, Z Hobaika, N Boussetta, E Vorobiev, RG Maroun, ...
Food and Nutrition Sciences 5 (4), 720-726, 2014
Pulsed electric field, ultrasound, and thermal pretreatments for better phenolic extraction during red fermentation
N El Darra, N Grimi, RG Maroun, N Louka, E Vorobiev
European Food Research and Technology 236 (1), 47-56, 2013
A comparative study on antiradical and antimicrobial properties of red grapes extracts obtained from different Vitis vinifera varieties
N El Darra, J Tannous, PB Mouncef, J Palge, J Yaghi, E Vorobiev, ...
Food and Nutrition Sciences 3 (10), 1420, 2012
Effect of the drying process on the intensification of phenolic compounds recovery from grape pomace using accelerated solvent extraction
H Rajha, W Ziegler, N Louka, Z Hobaika, E Vorobiev, H Boechzelt, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 15 (10), 18640-18658, 2014
Anaerobic digestion of grape pomace: Biochemical characterization of the fractions and methane production in batch and continuous digesters
JH El Achkar, T Lendormi, Z Hobaika, D Salameh, N Louka, RG Maroun, ...
Waste management 50, 275-282, 2016
Conformational aspects of HIV‐1 integrase inhibition by a peptide derived from the enzyme central domain and by antibodies raised against this peptide
RG Maroun, D Krebs, M Roshani, H Porumb, C Auclair, F Troalen, ...
European journal of biochemistry 260 (1), 145-155, 1999
Changes in polyphenol profiles and color composition of freshly fermented model wine due to pulsed electric field, enzymes and thermovinification pretreatments
N El Darra, MF Turk, MA Ducasse, N Grimi, RG Maroun, N Louka, ...
Food chemistry 194, 944-950, 2016
An environment friendly, low-cost extraction process of phenolic compounds from grape byproducts. Optimization by multi-response surface methodology
HN Rajha, N El Darra, E Vorobiev, N Louka, RG Maroun
Food and nutrition sciences 4 (06), 650, 2013
Comparative structural analysis by [1H, 31P]-NMR and restrained molecular dynamics of two DNA hairpins from a strong DNA topoisomerase II cleavage site
O Mauffret, A Amir-Aslani, RG Maroun, M Monnot, E Lescot, ...
Journal of molecular biology 283 (3), 643-655, 1998
Effect of alternative physical pretreatments (pulsed electric field, high voltage electrical discharges and ultrasound) on the dead-end ultrafiltration of vine-shoot extracts
HN Rajha, N Boussetta, N Louka, RG Maroun, E Vorobiev
Separation and Purification Technology 146, 243-251, 2015
Cytokine expression profile of sensitized human T lymphocytes following in vitro stimulation with amoxicillin
G Khalil, M El-Sabban, S Al-Ghadban, S Azzi, S Shamra, S Khalifé, ...
European cytokine network 19 (3), 131-141, 2008
β-Cyclodextrin-assisted extraction of polyphenols from vine shoot cultivars
HN Rajha, S Chacar, C Afif, E Vorobiev, N Louka, RG Maroun
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 63 (13), 3387-3393, 2015
Self-association and domains of interactions of an amphipathic helix peptide inhibitor of HIV-1 integrase assessed by analytical ultracentrifugation and NMR experiments in …
RG Maroun, D Krebs, S El Antri, A Deroussent, E Lescot, F Troalen, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (48), 34174-34185, 1999
Pulsed electric field treatment of citrus fruits: Improvement of juice and polyphenols extraction
S El Kantar, N Boussetta, N Lebovka, F Foucart, HN Rajha, RG Maroun, ...
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 46, 153-161, 2018
Strategy to discriminate between high and low affinity bindings of human immunodeficiency virus, type 1 integrase to viral DNA
L Zargarian, MS Benleumi, JG Renisio, H Merad, RG Maroun, F Wieber, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (22), 19966-19973, 2003
Low Cost Process for Phenolic Compounds Extraction from Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon). Optimization by Response …
H Youssef El, L Nicolas, N Catherine, M Richard G
Food and Nutrition Sciences 2012, 2012
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