Bijesh Rajamohanan
Bijesh Rajamohanan
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Demonstration of MOSFET-like on-current performance in arsenide/antimonide tunnel FETs with staggered hetero-junctions for 300mV logic applications
DK Mohata, R Bijesh, S Mujumdar, C Eaton, R Engel-Herbert, T Mayer, ...
2011 International Electron Devices Meeting, 33.5. 1-33.5. 4, 2011
Barrier-engineered arsenide–antimonide heterojunction tunnel FETs with enhanced drive current
D Mohata, B Rajamohanan, T Mayer, M Hudait, J Fastenau, D Lubyshev, ...
IEEE electron device letters 33 (11), 1568-1570, 2012
IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting
CH Lee, KI Choi, MK Cho, YH Song, KC Park, K Kim
IEDM Technical Digest (Washington, DC 2003 Dec. 8-10) p 22 (1), 2008
Demonstration of improved heteroepitaxy, scaled gate stack and reduced interface states enabling heterojunction tunnel FETs with high drive current and high on-off ratio
DK Mohata, R Bijesh, Y Zhu, MK Hudait, R Southwick, Z Chbili, ...
2012 Symposium on VLSI technology (VLSIT), 53-54, 2012
Demonstration of In 0.9 Ga 0.1 As/GaAs 0.18 Sb 0.82 near broken-gap tunnel FET with I ON= 740μA/μm, G M= 70μS/μm and gigahertz switching performance at V Ds= 0.5 V
R Bijesh, H Liu, H Madan, D Mohata, W Li, NV Nguyen, D Gundlach, ...
2013 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 28.2. 1-28.2. 4, 2013
0.5 V Supply Voltage Operation of In0.65Ga0.35As/GaAs0.4Sb0.6Tunnel FET
B Rajamohanan, R Pandey, V Chobpattana, C Vaz, D Gundlach, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 36 (1), 20-22, 2014
Insight into the output characteristics of III-V tunneling field effect transistors
B Rajamohanan, D Mohata, A Ali, S Datta
Applied Physics Letters 102 (9), 092105, 2013
Electrical noise in heterojunction interband tunnel FETs
R Pandey, B Rajamohanan, H Liu, V Narayanan, S Datta
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 61 (2), 552-560, 2013
Tunnel transistors for energy efficient computing
S Datta, R Bijesh, H Liu, D Mohata, V Narayanan
2013 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), 6A. 3.1-6A. 3.7, 2013
Demonstration of p-type In0.7Ga0.3As/GaAs0.35Sb0.65and n-type GaAs0.4Sb0.6/In0.65Ga0.35As complimentary Heterojunction Vertical Tunnel FETs for …
R Pandey, H Madan, H Liu, V Chobpattana, M Barth, B Rajamohanan, ...
2015 Symposium on VLSI Technology (VLSI Technology), T206-T207, 2015
Self-aligned gate nanopillar In0.53Ga0.47As vertical tunnel transistor
DK Mohata, R Bijesh, V Saripalli, T Mayer, S Datta
69th Device Research Conference, 203-204, 2011
Design, fabrication, and analysis of p-channel arsenide/antimonide hetero-junction tunnel transistors
B Rajamohanan, D Mohata, Y Zhu, M Hudait, Z Jiang, M Hollander, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (4), 044502, 2014
Flicker noise characterization and analytical modeling of homo and hetero-junction III–V tunnel FETs
R Bijesh, DK Mohata, H Liu, S Datta
70th Device Research Conference, 203-204, 2012
Tunnel transistors for low power logic
S Datta, R Bijesh, H Liu, D Mohata, V Narayanan
2013 IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium (CSICS), 1-4, 2013
Intrinsic reliability improvement in biaxially strained SiGe p-MOSFETs
S Deora, A Paul, R Bijesh, J Huang, G Klimeck, G Bersuker, PD Krisch, ...
IEEE electron device letters 32 (3), 255-257, 2011
Structural, morphological, and defect properties of metamorphic In0.7Ga0.3As/GaAs0.35Sb0.65 p-type tunnel field effect transistor structure grown by molecular …
Y Zhu, MK Hudait, DK Mohata, B Rajamohanan, S Datta, D Lubyshev, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2013
Scaled gate stacks for sub-20-nm CMOS logic applications through integration of thermal IL and ALD HfOx
K Joshi, S Hung, S Mukhopadhyay, T Sato, M Bevan, B Rajamohanan, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 34 (1), 3-5, 2012
Electron and hole photoemission detection for band offset determination of tunnel field-effect transistor heterojunctions
W Li, Q Zhang, R Bijesh, OA Kirillov, Y Liang, I Levin, LM Peng, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (21), 213501, 2014
Low-Temperature Atomic-Layer-Deposited High-κ Dielectric for p-Channel In0. 7Ga0. 3As/GaAs0. 35Sb0. 65 Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor
B Rajamohanan, D Mohata, D Zhernokletov, B Brennan, RM Wallace, ...
Applied Physics Express 6 (10), 101201, 2013
Correlated Flicker Noise and Hole Mobility Characteristics ofUniaxially Strained SiGe FINFETs
B Rajamohanan, I Ok, S Mujumdar, C Hobbs, P Majhi, R Jammy, S Datta
IEEE electron device letters 33 (9), 1237-1239, 2012
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