Barbara Machura
Barbara Machura
Profesor, Instytut Chemii
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Ferromagnetic coupling through the end-to-end thiocyanate bridge in cobalt (II) and nickel (II) chains
J Palion-Gazda, B Machura, F Lloret, M Julve
Crystal Growth & Design 15 (5), 2380-2388, 2015
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Rhenium (I) and technetium (I) complexes of a novel pyridyltriazole-based ligand containing an arylpiperazine pharmacophore: Synthesis, crystal structures, computational …
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Copper (II) complexes of functionalized 2, 2′: 6′, 2′′-terpyridines and 2, 6-di (thiazol-2-yl) pyridine: structure, spectroscopy, cytotoxicity and catalytic activity
K Czerwińska, B Machura, S Kula, S Krompiec, K Erfurt, ...
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High catalytic activity of vanadium complexes in alkane oxidations with hydrogen peroxide: An effect of 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives as noninnocent ligands
I Gryca, K Czerwinska, B Machura, A Chrobok, LS Shul’pina, ...
Inorganic chemistry 57 (4), 1824-1839, 2018
Structural and spectroscopic properties of rhenium nitrosyl complexes
B Machura
Coordination chemistry reviews 249 (21-22), 2277-2307, 2005
Rhenium (I) terpyridine complexes–synthesis, photophysical properties and application in organic light emitting devices
T Klemens, A Świtlicka-Olszewska, B Machura, M Grucela, ...
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Polyhedron 52, 1276-1286, 2013
Natural bond orbital analysis and density functional study of linear and bent oxo-bridged dimers of rhenium (V)
B Machura, M Jaworska, P Lodowski
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Tuning the photophysical properties of 4′-substituted terpyridines–an experimental and theoretical study
A Maroń, A Szlapa, T Klemens, S Kula, B Machura, S Krompiec, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 14 (15), 3793-3808, 2016
End-to-end thiocyanato-bridged zig-zag polymers of CuII, CoII and NiII with a hydrazone ligand: EPR, magnetic susceptibility and biological study
A Datta, PH Liu, JH Huang, E Garribba, M Turnbull, B Machura, CL Hsu, ...
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Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and X-ray studies of two novel double open cubane-like cadmium (II) complexes
B Machura, I Nawrot, K Michalik
Polyhedron 31 (1), 548-557, 2012
N-and S-bonded thiocyanate copper (II) complexes of 2, 6-bis-(benzimidazolyl) pyridine–Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, X-ray structure and DFT calculations
B Machura, A Świtlicka, M Penkala
Polyhedron 45 (1), 221-228, 2012
Copper (ii) complexes with 2, 2′: 6′, 2′′-terpyridine, 2, 6-di (thiazol-2-yl) pyridine and 2, 6-di (pyrazin-2-yl) pyridine substituted with quinolines. Synthesis, structure …
K Choroba, B Machura, S Kula, LR Raposo, AR Fernandes, R Kruszynski, ...
Dalton Transactions 48 (33), 12656-12673, 2019
Slow magnetic relaxation in Cobalt (II) field-induced single-ion magnets with positive large anisotropy
A Switlicka, B Machura, M Penkala, A Bienko, DC Bienko, J Titis, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 57 (20), 12740-12755, 2018
Cu (II), Cd (II) and Ni (II) azide complexes incorporating bis (3, 5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl) methane–Synthesis, spectroscopic characterisation, X-ray studies and magnetic properties
B Machura, A Świtlicka, I Nawrot, J Mroziński, K Michalik
Polyhedron 30 (17), 2815-2823, 2011
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