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Ingrid Blanchard
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The Paris CM chondrite: Secondary minerals and asteroidal processing
Y Marrocchi, M Gounelle, I Blanchard, F Caste, AT Kearsley
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 49 (7), 1232-1249, 2014
Magnesium partitioning between Earth's mantle and core and its potential to drive an early exsolution geodynamo
J Badro, J Aubert, K Hirose, R Nomura, I Blanchard, S Borensztajn, ...
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I Blanchard, J Siebert, S Borensztajn, J Badro
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S Petitgirard, WJ Malfait, B Journaux, IE Collings, ES Jennings, ...
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Sulfur Content at Sulfide Saturation of Peridotitic Melt at Upper Mantle Conditions
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The Fate of Carbon during Earth’s Core–Mantle Differentiation
I Blanchard, E Jennings, IA Franchi, X Zhao, S Petitgirard, N Miyajima, ...
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Anomalous density, sound velocity, and structure of pressure-induced amorphous quartz
S Petitgirard, CJ Sahle, WJ Malfait, G Spiekermann, I Blanchard, ...
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Secondary processes within the paris CM chondrite
I Blanchard, M Gounelle, M Bourot-Denise, A Kearsley
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Chemical analysis of trace elements at the nanoscale in samples recovered from laser‑heated diamond anvil cell experiments
I Blanchard, S Petitgirard, V Laurenz, N Miyajima, M Wilke, DC Rubie, ...
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 2022
New Constraints on Earth’s Late Veneer from Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Gold and Rhenium
I Blanchard, J Siebert, S Lobanov, S Petitgirard, A Schreiber, V Bonino, ...
Goldschmidt 2023 Conference, 2023
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R Pierru, S Dominijanni, P Parisiadis, L Andriambariarijaona, B Zhao, ...
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Metal and silicate partitioning of indium up to PT conditions of a deep magma ocean: implications for the origin of volatile depletions on Earth
D Liu, E Kubik, J Siebert, PA Sossi, I Blanchard, F Moynier
Tracking the origin of volatile depletion in the Earth with indium, 127, 2022
Subducted Carbon in the Earth's lower mantle: The fate of magnesite
L Libon, G Spiekermann, M Sieber, J Kaa, S Dominijanni, M Elbers, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU22-9318, 2022
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