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Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solutions by adsorption on Kaolin: Kinetic and equilibrium studies
L Mouni, L Belkhiri, JC Bollinger, A Bouzaza, A Assadi, A Tirri, ...
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L Belkhiri, A Boudoukha, L Mouni
Ultrasound assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from P. lentiscus L. leaves: Comparative study of artificial neural network (ANN) versus degree of experiment for …
F Dahmoune, H Remini, S Dairi, O Aoun, K Moussi, N Bouaoudia-Madi, ...
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Microwave optimization of mucilage extraction from Opuntia ficus indica Cladodes
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Jujube stones based highly efficient activated carbon for methylene blue adsorption: Kinetics and isotherms modeling, thermodynamics and mechanism study, optimization via …
N Bouchelkia, H Tahraoui, A Amrane, H Belkacemi, JC Bollinger, ...
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 170, 513-535, 2023
Zeolite waste characterization and use as low-cost, ecofriendly, and sustainable material for malachite green and methylene blue dyes removal: Box–behnken design, kinetics, and …
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L Mouni, D Merabet, A Bouzaza, L Belkhiri
Desalination and Water Treatment 16 (1-3), 66-73, 2010
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