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456-nm deep-blue laser generation by intracavity frequency doubling of Nd: GdVO 4 under 879-nm diode pumping
J Gao, X Yu, XD Li, F Chen, K Zhang, RP Yan, JH Yu, YZ Wang
Laser physics 19 (1), 111-114, 2009
Pulsed 456 nm deep‐blue light generation by acoustooptical Q‐switching and intracavity frequency doubling of Nd:GdVO4
J Gao, X Yu, F Chen, XD Li, RP Yan, Z Zhang, JH Yu, YZ Wang
Laser Physics Letters 5 (8), 577-581, 2008
12.0-W continuous-wave diode-end-pumped Nd:GdVO4 laser with high brightness operating at 912-nm
J Gao, X Yu, F Chen, X Li, R Yan, K Zhang, J Yu, Y Wang
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High-repetition-rate, high-peak-power, linear-polarized 473 nm Nd: YAG/BiBO blue laser by extracavity frequency doubling
F Chen, X Yu, R Yan, X Li, C Wang, J Yu, Z Zhang
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A novel miniaturized passively Q-switched pulse-burst laser for engine ignition
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Quasi-three-level Nd: GdVO4 laser under diode pumping directly into the emitting level
X Yu, K Zhang, J Gao, F Chen, XD Li, RP Yan, JH Yu, YZ Wang
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Diode‐laser‐pumped high efficiency continuous‐wave operation at 912 nm laser in Nd:GdVO4 crystal
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Efficient generation of 914 nm laser with high beam quality in Nd:YVO4 crystal pumped by π ‐polarized 808 nm diode‐laser
F Chen, X Yu, J Gao, XD Li, Z Zhang, RP Yan, JH Yu, ZH Zhang
Laser Physics Letters 5 (9), 655-658, 2008
Multiple-beam, pulse-burst, passively Q-switched ceramic Nd: YAG laser under micro-lens array pumping
Y Ma, Y He, X Yu, X Li, J Li, R Yan, J Peng, X Zhang, R Sun, Y Pan, ...
Optics express 23 (19), 24955-24961, 2015
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8.9-W continuous-wave, diode-end-pumped all-solid-state Nd: YVO 4 laser operating at 914 nm
F Chen, X Yu, J Gao, XD Li, RP Yan, JH Yu, ZH Zhang
Laser physics 19 (3), 389-391, 2009
Laser properties of continuous-grown Nd: GdVO4/GdVO4 and Nd: YVO4/YVO4 composite crystals under direct pumping
X Li, X Yu, F Chen, R Yan, J Yu, D Chen
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Doubly Q-switched GdVO4/Nd: GdVO4 laser with AO modulator and Cr4+: YAG saturable absorber under direct 879 nm diode pumping to the emitting level
Y Ma, Y Zhang, X Yu, X Li, F Chen, R Yan
Optics Communications 284 (10-11), 2569-2572, 2011
Power scaling of directly dual-end-pumped Nd:GdVO4 laser using grown-together composite crystal
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Output properties of diode-pumped passively Q-switched 1.06 μm Nd: GdVO 4 laser using a [100]-cut Cr 4+: YAG crystal
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X Yu, F Chen, R Yan, X Li, J Yu, Z Zhang
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Diode-pumped continuous-wave and passively Q-switched 1066 nm Nd: GYNbO4 laser
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Comparison on performance of acousto-optically Q-switched Nd: GdVO 4 and Nd: YVO 4 lasers at high repetition rates under direct diode pumping of the emitting level
X Li, X Yu, F Chen, R Yan, J Gao, J Yu, D Chen
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100 kHz, 3.1 ns, 1.89 J cavity-dumped burst-mode Nd: YAG MOPA laser
W Wu, X Li, R Yan, Y Zhou, Y Ma, R Fan, Z Dong, D Chen
Optics express 25 (22), 26875-26884, 2017
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