Sonia Belaïd
Sonia Belaïd
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Strong non-interference and type-directed higher-order masking
G Barthe, S Belaïd, F Dupressoir, PA Fouque, B Grégoire, PY Strub, ...
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications …, 2016
Verified proofs of higher-order masking
G Barthe, S Belaïd, F Dupressoir, PA Fouque, B Grégoire, PY Strub
Advances in Cryptology--EUROCRYPT 2015: 34th Annual International Conference …, 2015
Randomness complexity of private circuits for multiplication
S Belaïd, F Benhamouda, A Passelègue, E Prouff, A Thillard, D Vergnaud
Advances in Cryptology–EUROCRYPT 2016: 35th Annual International Conference …, 2016
maskverif: Automated verification of higher-order masking in presence of physical defaults
G Barthe, S Belaïd, G Cassiers, PA Fouque, B Grégoire, FX Standaert
Computer Security–ESORICS 2019: 24th European Symposium on Research in …, 2019
Tight private circuits: Achieving probing security with the least refreshing
S Belaïd, D Goudarzi, M Rivain
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2018: 24th International Conference on the …, 2018
Masking the GLP lattice-based signature scheme at any order
G Barthe, S Belaïd, T Espitau, PA Fouque, B Grégoire, M Rossi, ...
Advances in Cryptology–EUROCRYPT 2018: 37th Annual International Conference …, 2018
Tornado: Automatic generation of probing-secure masked bitsliced implementations
S Belaïd, PÉ Dagand, D Mercadier, M Rivain, R Wintersdorff
Advances in Cryptology–EUROCRYPT 2020: 39th Annual International Conference …, 2020
Improved Side-Channel Analysis of Finite-Field Multiplication
S Belaïd, JS Coron, PA Fouque, B Gérard, JG Kammerer, E Prouff
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems--CHES 2015: 17th International …, 2015
Leakage-resilient symmetric encryption via re-keying
M Abdalla, S Belaïd, PA Fouque
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems-CHES 2013: 15th International …, 2013
Masking and leakage-resilient primitives: One, the other (s) or both?
S Belaïd, V Grosso, FX Standaert
Cryptography and Communications 7, 163-184, 2015
Side-Channel Analysis of Multiplications in GF(2128) Application to AES-GCM
S Belaïd, PA Fouque, B Gérard
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2014: 20th International Conference on the …, 2014
Towards fresh re-keying with leakage-resilient PRFs: cipher design principles and analysis
S Belaïd, F De Santis, J Heyszl, S Mangard, M Medwed, JM Schmidt, ...
Journal of Cryptographic Engineering 4, 157-171, 2014
Private multiplication over finite fields
S Belaïd, F Benhamouda, A Passelègue, E Prouff, A Thillard, D Vergnaud
Advances in Cryptology–CRYPTO 2017: 37th Annual International Cryptology …, 2017
GALACTICS: Gaussian sampling for lattice-based constant-time implementation of cryptographic signatures, revisited
G Barthe, S Belaïd, T Espitau, PA Fouque, M Rossi, M Tibouchi
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications …, 2019
Differential power analysis of HMAC SHA-2 in the Hamming weight model
S Belaïd, L Bettale, E Dottax, L Genelle, F Rondepierre
2013 International conference on security and cryptography (SECRYPT), 1-12, 2013
Improved parallel mask refreshing algorithms: generic solutions with parametrized non-interference and automated optimizations
G Barthe, S Belaïd, F Dupressoir, PA Fouque, B Grégoire, FX Standaert, ...
Journal of Cryptographic Engineering 10, 17-26, 2020
Robust pseudo-random number generators with input secure against side-channel attacks
M Abdalla, S Belaïd, D Pointcheval, S Ruhault, D Vergnaud
Applied Cryptography and Network Security: 13th International Conference …, 2016
Random probing security: Verification, composition, expansion and new constructions
S Belaïd, JS Coron, E Prouff, M Rivain, AR Taleb
Advances in Cryptology–CRYPTO 2020: 40th Annual International Cryptology …, 2020
Ironmask: Versatile verification of masking security
S Belaïd, D Mercadier, M Rivain, AR Taleb
2022 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP), 142-160, 2022
On the power of expansion: More efficient constructions in the random probing model
S Belaïd, M Rivain, AR Taleb
Advances in Cryptology–EUROCRYPT 2021: 40th Annual International Conference …, 2021
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