Mahdi Kadivar, Ph.D.
Mahdi Kadivar, Ph.D.
Professor of Food Science, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
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Evaluation of nanocomposite packaging containing Ag and ZnO on shelf life of fresh orange juice
A Emamifar, M Kadivar, M Shahedi, S Soleimanian-Zad
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Potential application of pomegranate seed oil oleogels based on monoglycerides, beeswax and propolis wax as partial substitutes of palm oil in functional chocolate spread
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Effects of supplementation with a phytobiotics-rich herbal mixture on performance, udder health, and metabolic status of Holstein cows with various levels of milk somatic cell …
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Production and characterization of chitosan-gelatin nanofibers by nozzle-less electrospinning and their application to enhance edible film’s properties
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Optimization of enzymatic synthesis of cocoa butter analog from camel hump fat in supercritical carbon dioxide by response surface method (RSM)
H Shekarchizadeh, M Kadivar, HS Ghaziaskar, M Rezayat
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Highly selective electrochemical biosensor for the determination of folic acid based on DNA modified-pencil graphite electrode using response surface methodology
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Chemical and microstructural evaluation of ‘hard‐to‐cook’phenomenon in legumes (pinto bean and small‐type lentil)
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Encapsulation optimization of lemon balm antioxidants in calcium alginate hydrogels
S Najafi-Soulari, H Shekarchizadeh, M Kadivar
Journal of Biomaterials science, Polymer edition 27 (16), 1631-1644, 2016
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