Benjamin Stamm
Benjamin Stamm
Center for Computational Engineering Science, RWTH Aachen University
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Certified reduced basis methods for parametrized partial differential equations
JS Hesthaven, G Rozza, B Stamm
Springer, 2016
Efficient greedy algorithms for high-dimensional parameter spaces with applications to empirical interpolation and reduced basis methods
JS Hesthaven, B Stamm, S Zhang
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 48 (1), 259-283, 2014
Parameter multi-domain ‘hp’ empirical interpolation
JL Eftang, B Stamm
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 90 (4), 412–428, 2012
Fast domain decomposition algorithm for continuum solvation models: Energy and first derivatives
F Lipparini, B Stamm, E Cances, Y Maday, B Mennucci
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9 (8), 3637-3648, 2013
Scalable evaluation of polarization energy and associated forces in polarizable molecular dynamics: I. toward massively parallel direct space computations
F Lipparini, L Lagardère, B Stamm, E Cancès, M Schnieders, P Ren, ...
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 10 (4), 1638-1651, 2014
The reduced basis method for the electric field integral equation
M Fares, JS Hesthaven, Y Maday, B Stamm
Journal of Computational Physics 230 (14), 5532-5555, 2011
Locally adaptive greedy approximations for anisotropic parameter reduced basis spaces
Y Maday, B Stamm
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 35 (6), A2417-A2441, 2013
Domain decomposition for implicit solvation models
E Cancès, Y Maday, B Stamm
The Journal of chemical physics 139 (5), 054111, 2013
Tinker-HP: a massively parallel molecular dynamics package for multiscale simulations of large complex systems with advanced point dipole polarizable force fields
L Lagardère, LH Jolly, F Lipparini, F Aviat, B Stamm, ZF Jing, M Harger, ...
Chemical Science 9 (4), 956-972, 2018
Scalable Evaluation of Polarization Energy and Associated Forces in Polarizable Molecular Dynamics: II. Toward Massively Parallel Computations Using Smooth Particle Mesh Ewald
L Lagardere, F Lipparini, E Polack, B Stamm, E Cances, M Schnieders, ...
Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (6), 2589-2599, 2015
Guaranteed and robust a posteriori bounds for Laplace eigenvalues and eigenvectors: conforming approximations
E Cances, G Dusson, Y Maday, B Stamm, M Vohralík
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 55 (5), 2228-2254, 2017
hp-Optimal discontinuous Galerkin methods for linear elliptic problems
B Stamm, TP Wihler
Mathematics of computation 79 (272), 2117-2133, 2010
Truncated conjugate gradient: an optimal strategy for the analytical evaluation of the many-body polarization energy and forces in molecular simulations
F Aviat, A Levitt, B Stamm, Y Maday, P Ren, JW Ponder, L Lagardere, ...
Journal of chemical theory and computation 13 (1), 180-190, 2016
Low order discontinuous Galerkin methods for second order elliptic problems
E Burman, B Stamm
SIAM J. Numer. Anal 47 (1), 508-533, 2008
Polarizable molecular dynamics in a polarizable continuum solvent
F Lipparini, L Lagardère, C Raynaud, B Stamm, E Cancès, B Mennucci, ...
Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (2), 623-634, 2015
Quantum, classical, and hybrid QM/MM calculations in solution: General implementation of the ddCOSMO linear scaling strategy
F Lipparini, G Scalmani, L Lagardère, B Stamm, E Cancès, Y Maday, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 141 (18), 184108, 2014
A reduced basis method for electromagnetic scattering by multiple particles in three dimensions
M Ganesh, JS Hesthaven, B Stamm
Journal of Computational Physics 231 (23), 7756-7779, 2012
Achieving Linear Scaling in Computational Cost for a Fully Polarizable MM/Continuum Embedding
S Caprasecca, S Jurinovich, L Lagardere, B Stamm, F Lipparini
Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (2), 694-704, 2015
Quantum calculations in solution for large to very large molecules: A new linear scaling QM/continuum approach
F Lipparini, L Lagardère, G Scalmani, B Stamm, E Cancès, Y Maday, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (6), 953-958, 2014
Comparison of some reduced representation approximations
M Bebendorf, Y Maday, B Stamm
Reduced Order Methods for Modeling and Computational Reduction, 67-100, 2014
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