Marco Lauricella
Marco Lauricella
Institute for Computing Applications, National Research Council of Italy
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Methane clathrate hydrate nucleation mechanism by advanced molecular simulations
M Lauricella, S Meloni, NJ English, B Peters, G Ciccotti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (40), 22847-22857, 2014
Massively parallel molecular dynamics simulation of formation of clathrate-hydrate precursors at planar water-methane interfaces: Insights into heterogeneous nucleation
NJ English, M Lauricella, S Meloni
The Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (20), 204714, 2014
JETSPIN: A specific-purpose open-source software for simulations of nanofiber electrospinning
M Lauricella, G Pontrelli, I Coluzza, D Pisignano, S Succi
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M Lauricella, S Meloni, S Liang, NJ English, PG Kusalik, G Ciccotti
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A Montessori, M Lauricella, M La Rocca, S Succi, E Stolovicki, R Ziblat, ...
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B Kaoui, M Lauricella, G Pontrelli
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M Montinaro, V Fasano, M Moffa, A Camposeo, L Persano, M Lauricella, ...
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M Lauricella, F Cipolletta, G Pontrelli, D Pisignano, S Succi
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M Lauricella, G Ciccotti, NJ English, B Peters, S Meloni
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M Lauricella, S Melchionna, A Montessori, D Pisignano, G Pontrelli, ...
Physical Review E 97 (3), 033308, 2018
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