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Turning meiosis into mitosis
I d'Erfurth, S Jolivet, N Froger, O Catrice, M Novatchkova, R Mercier
PLoS biology 7 (6), 2009
AtREC8 and AtSCC3 are essential to the monopolar orientation of the kinetochores during meiosis
L Chelysheva, S Diallo, D Vezon, G Gendrot, N Vrielynck, K Belcram, ...
Journal of cell science 118 (20), 4621-4632, 2005
The molecular biology of meiosis in plants
R Mercier, C Mézard, E Jenczewski, N Macaisne, M Grelon
Annual review of plant biology 66, 297-327, 2015
SWITCH1 (SWI1): a novel protein required for the establishment of sister chromatid cohesion and for bivalent formation at meiosis
R Mercier, D Vezon, E Bullier, JC Motamayor, A Sellier, F Lefèvre, ...
Genes & development 15 (14), 1859-1871, 2001
FANCM limits meiotic crossovers
W Crismani, C Girard, N Froger, M Pradillo, JL Santos, L Chelysheva, ...
Science 336 (6088), 1588-1590, 2012
Two meiotic crossover classes cohabit in Arabidopsis: one is dependent on MER3, whereas the other one is not
R Mercier, S Jolivet, D Vezon, E Huppe, L Chelysheva, M Giovanni, ...
Current Biology 15 (8), 692-701, 2005
The meiotic protein SWI1 is required for axial element formation and recombination initiation in Arabidopsis
R Mercier, SJ Armstrong, C Horlow, NP Jackson, CA Makaroff, D Vezon, ...
Development 130 (14), 3309-3318, 2003
Mutations in AtPS1 (Arabidopsis thaliana parallel spindle 1) lead to the production of diploid pollen grains
I d'Erfurth, S Jolivet, N Froger, O Catrice, M Novatchkova, M Simon, ...
PLoS genetics 4 (11), 2008
Zip4/Spo22 is required for class I CO formation but not for synapsis completion in Arabidopsis thaliana
L Chelysheva, G Gendrot, D Vezon, MP Doutriaux, R Mercier, M Grelon
PLoS genetics 3 (5), 2007
The cyclin-A CYCA1; 2/TAM is required for the meiosis I to meiosis II transition and cooperates with OSD1 for the prophase to first meiotic division transition
I d'Erfurth, L Cromer, S Jolivet, C Girard, C Horlow, Y Sun, JPC To, ...
PLoS genetics 6 (6), 2010
The road to crossovers: plants have their say
C Mezard, J Vignard, J Drouaud, R Mercier
TRENDS in Genetics 23 (2), 91-99, 2007
A high throughput genetic screen identifies new early meiotic recombination functions in Arabidopsis thaliana
A De Muyt, L Pereira, D Vezon, L Chelysheva, G Gendrot, A Chambon, ...
PLoS genetics 5 (9), 2009
AtMSH5 partners AtMSH4 in the class I meiotic crossover pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana, but is not required for synapsis
JD Higgins, J Vignard, R Mercier, AG Pugh, FCH Franklin, GH Jones
The Plant Journal 55 (1), 28-39, 2008
Meiosis in plants: ten years of gene discovery
R Mercier, M Grelon
Cytogenetic and genome research 120 (3-4), 281-290, 2008
Synthetic clonal reproduction through seeds
MPA Marimuthu, S Jolivet, M Ravi, L Pereira, JN Davda, L Cromer, ...
Science 331 (6019), 876-876, 2011
Sex-specific crossover distributions and variations in interference level along Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 4
J Drouaud, R Mercier, L Chelysheva, A Bérard, M Falque, O Martin, ...
PLoS genetics 3 (6), 2007
The interplay of RecA-related proteins and the MND1–HOP2 complex during meiosis in Arabidopsis thaliana
J Vignard, T Siwiec, L Chelysheva, N Vrielynck, F Gonord, SJ Armstrong, ...
PLoS genetics 3 (10), 2007
An easy protocol for studying chromatin and recombination protein dynamics during Arabidopsisthaliana meiosis: Immunodetection of cohesins, histones and MLH1
L Chelysheva, L Grandont, N Vrielynck, S Le Guin, R Mercier, M Grelon
Cytogenetic and genome research 129 (1-3), 143-153, 2010
OSD1 promotes meiotic progression via APC/C inhibition and forms a regulatory network with TDM and CYCA1; 2/TAM
L Cromer, J Heyman, S Touati, H Harashima, E Araou, C Girard, C Horlow, ...
PLoS genetics 8 (7), 2012
The Arabidopsis thaliana MND1 homologue plays a key role in meiotic homologous pairing, synapsis and recombination
C Kerzendorfer, J Vignard, A Pedrosa-Harand, T Siwiec, S Akimcheva, ...
Journal of Cell Science 119 (12), 2486-2496, 2006
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