Belen Martrat
Belen Martrat
RYC-post-doctoral program, CSIC
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Four climate cycles of recurring deep and surface water destabilizations on the Iberian margin
B Martrat, JO Grimalt, NJ Shackleton, L de Abreu, MA Hutterli, TF Stocker
Science 317 (5837), 502-507, 2007
Abrupt temperature changes in the Western Mediterranean over the past 250,000 years
B Martrat, JO Grimalt, C Lopez-Martinez, I Cacho, FJ Sierro, JA Flores, ...
Science 306 (5702), 1762-1765, 2004
Apparent long-term cooling of the sea surface in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean during the Holocene
O Marchal, I Cacho, TF Stocker, JO Grimalt, E Calvo, B Martrat, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 21 (4-6), 455-483, 2002
The Medieval Climate Anomaly in the Iberian Peninsula reconstructed from marine and lake records
A Moreno, A Pérez, J Frigola, V Nieto-Moreno, M Rodrigo-Gámiz, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 43, 16-32, 2012
Robust global ocean cooling trend for the pre-industrial Common Era
HV McGregor, MN Evans, H Goosse, G Leduc, B Martrat, JA Addison, ...
Nature Geoscience 8 (9), 671, 2015
Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents
NJ Abram, HV McGregor, JE Tierney, MN Evans, NP McKay, DS Kaufman, ...
Nature 536 (7617), 411, 2016
Similarities and dissimilarities between the last two deglaciations and interglaciations in the North Atlantic region
B Martrat, P Jimenez-Amat, R Zahn, JO Grimalt
Quaternary Science Reviews 99, 122-134, 2014
Similarities and dissimilarities between the last two deglaciations and interglaciations in the North Atlantic region
B Martrat, P Jimenez-Amat, R Zahn, JO Grimalt
Quaternary Science Reviews 99, 122-134, 2014
Sequence of events from the onset to the demise of the Last Interglacial: Evaluating strengths and limitations of chronologies used in climatic archives
A Govin, E Capron, PC Tzedakis, S Verheyden, B Ghaleb, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 129, 1-36, 2015
Realising consilience: How better communication between archaeologists, historians and natural scientists can transform the study of past climate change in the Mediterranean
A Izdebski, K Holmgren, E Weiberg, SR Stocker, U Buentgen, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 136, 5-22, 2016
A reference time scale for Site U1385 (Shackleton Site) on the SW Iberian Margin
D Hodell, L Lourens, S Crowhurst, T Konijnendijk, R Tjallingii, ...
Global and Planetary Change 133, 49-64, 2015
Interglacials of the last 800,000 years
Past Interglacials Working Group of PAGES
Reviews of Geophysics 54 (1), 162-219, 2016
Primary productivity variability on the Atlantic Iberian Margin over the last 70,000 years: Evidence from coccolithophores and fossil organic compounds
A Incarbona, B Martrat, E Di Stefano, JO Grimalt, N Pelosi, B Patti, ...
Paleoceanography 25 (2), 2010
Land-ocean changes on orbital and millennial time scales and the penultimate glaciation
V Margari, LC Skinner, DA Hodell, B Martrat, S Toucanne, JO Grimalt, ...
Geology 42 (3), 183-186, 2014
A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era
J Emile-Geay, NP McKay, DS Kaufman, L Von Gunten, J Wang, ...
Scientific data 4, 170088, 2017
Temperature trends during the Present and Last Interglacial periods–a multi-model-data comparison
P Bakker, V Masson-Delmotte, B Martrat, S Charbit, H Renssen, M Gröger, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 99, 224-243, 2014
The" shackleton site"(IODP site U1385) on the iberian margin
DA Hodell, L Lourens, DAV Stow, FJ Hernández-Molina, ...
Scientific Drilling 16, 13-19, 2013
Estrogenic activity in sediments from European mountain lakes
N Garcia-Reyero, B PiÑa, JO Grimalt, P Fernández, R Fonts, O Polvillo, ...
Environmental science & technology 39 (6), 1427-1435, 2005
Coherent millennial‐scale patterns in U37k′ and TEX86H temperature records during the penultimate interglacial‐to‐glacial cycle in the western Mediterranean
C Huguet, B Martrat, JO Grimalt, JS Sinninghe Damsté, S Schouten
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 26 (2), 2011
Climate variability and socio-environmental changes in the northern Aegean (NE Mediterranean) during the last 1500 years
A Gogou, M Triantaphyllou, E Xoplaki, A Izdebski, C Parinos, M Dimiza, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 136, 209-228, 2016
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